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Författare: Tom Batiuk.

Barbie: Mariposa or Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends is a 2008 direct-to-video computer-animated fairy fantasy film released on February 26, 2008. This is the first film of the series in which Kelly Sheridan did not voice Barbie’s role, Mariposa, however, voiced Barbie’s Fairytopia character, Elina. The film tells the story of Mariposa, a shy butterfly fairy, who went on a dangerous adventure to save their queen and their land of Flutterfield. Bibble is worried that he will embarrass himself and won’t belong with his friend’s friends, so Elina tells him the story of her friend Mariposa, a butterfly fairy who lives in a far-off palace called Flutterfield, an island kingdom in Fairytopia populated by fairies with butterfly wings.

Henna, the jealous butterfly fairy and the attendant of the queen of Flutterfield, has poisoned the queen in an attempt to take over the kingdom. They first travel according to the map, but when night falls, they are far from Flutterfield, and the Skeezites appear. They engage in a long chase scene, but Mariposa, Rayna and Rayla escape through a gate of red plants. However, the map gets chomped by a Skeezite. Mariposa remembers that there was a sun picture on the map, and she concludes that they should travel east, as toward the rising sun. Meanwhile, Queen Marabella has fallen fatally ill, and the guards captured the prince for trying to find the antidote. The queen’s captain of the guards holds him in a conversation, and another fairy sought the prince and freed him.

That fairy is Willa, Mariposa’s best friend. She tells the prince that she has spotted Henna. The mermaids tell the four braves where to find the Cave of Reflections, and they fly towards it eagerly, but find that the cave was guarded by Skeezites. Zinzie manages to trick the Skeezites, and the four escape into the cave. There, they find their reflections talking back to themselves.

They finally meet the Fairy of the Cave, who leads the group to different sections, where she proclaims each time „one of you must stay behind“. The four heroines arrive back just in time when the Skeezites start attacking everyone at the Royal fairy castle. Mariposa eventually discovers that it was Henna who poisoned the queen, so she races to cure her with the antidote. Henna tries stopping Mariposa from foiling her plans, but Mariposa eventually manages to heal Marabella before she dies. Henna leaves and goes away with the Skeezites under the pretense of not getting caught, thus fleeing from the light.