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Chapter 2 – Search for Mr. He is very understanding REVISE GCSE Revision Planner PDF others emotions.

Författare: Rob Bircher.

He did not rise to meet his visitor but held out a cold hand and bade him welcome in a changed voice. Jekyll has changed after the atrocious actions of Mr. I have lost confidence in myself. And his blood ran cold in his veins. Chapter 6 – Incident of Dr. I wish to see or hear no more of Dr.

Jekyll,“ he said in a loud, unsteady voice. I am quite done with that person“ – Dr. Nothing can be done“ – Dr. Lanyon – Nothing can repair their friendship.

He thought of him kindly, but his thoughts were disquieted and fearful. I am very low“ replied the doctor drearily‘ – Dr. I was radically both“ – Dr. People of TSR, Help a fellow student out! English Lit GCSE study resource below! Could someone mark this English Lit essay? Jekyll and Hyde – Stevenson’s Purpose?

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