Legends of Chima 5: Wings for a Lion PDF

This article needs additional citations for verification. Legends of Chima 5: Wings for a Lion PDF of Chima is a Danish-Canadian CGI animated television series for Cartoon Network which is also based on the LEGO Legends of Chima series of LEGO sets. On March 15, 2014, season 2 premiered on Cartoon Network and ended on November 22, 2014.

Författare: Yannick Grotholt.

His former best friend, Prince Laval of the Lion Tribe, becomes his worst enemy. Thus, a terrible war breaks out between the eight animal tribes over the powerful Chi, a substance that can both sustain life and destroy it. When the Crawlers use the advantages of the war for the Chi to steal the Chi from Mount Cavora, the eight heroes of Chima must travel to the Outlands to rescue the eight Legend Beasts, which are the keys to restarting Mount Cavora. After the defeat of the Crawlers, Chima becomes a peaceful land, but not for long.

As a threat of the Ancient Hunter Tribes emerge, the heroes of Chima must find the legendary Fire tribes and unlock the new Fire CHI power to turn up the heat and stop the Ice tribes from freezing all of Chima. Fire Wings, the only things powerful enough to stop the Hunter Tribes. The heroes eventually find all 9 and spark another Great Illumination. Mount Cavora where they harvest and equally distribute the Chi to all the Animal Tribes. The Lion Tribe’s vehicles, buildings, and monuments are often colored in an orange-yellow with brown manes and tan accents. Laval – Laval is the Prince of the Lion Tribe and the main protagonist of the series. He attempts to do the right thing as the soon to be king but his childish behavior and arrogance gets the group into trouble.