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This article hercules: Superhero PDF additional citations for verification. Wonder Woman story, and was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, in the first of several incarnations. Hercules was shown as an archetypal muscle-bound man wearing a lion-skin, and only appeared in flashbacks.

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Young Hercules is challenged by the King to carry out seven labours – no problem, although the King is less impressed when he brings back the evidence and stinks out the palace.

A picture of him, during Wonder Woman’s time, shows him as the God of Strength with black hair and a beard. In the universe of DC Comics, Hercules was used on several occasions before Crisis on Infinite Earths. 1, cover-dated Summer 1942, the episode is recapped. Hercules is written as „The God of Strength“ who „was half-mortal and half-God! When a mere child, he strangled two fierce serpents sent to slay him. Hercules‘ is also used several times in allusion in both Superman and Wonder Woman comics to allude to feats of strength. In other comics, Hercules is used as a foil to Superman.

In 1975, DC produced a comic book series titled Hercules Unbound, featuring the adventures of Hercules in a post-apocalyptic future. This Hercules looked different from the other DC interpretations – he had long black hair and no beard. After the reboot of the DC universe in Crisis, Heracles — the Greek spelling — appeared in the pages of Wonder Woman. During Diana’s Challenge of the Gods storyline, she discovered that Heracles was transformed into a colossal stone pilar within Doom’s Doorway, and was supporting Themyscira’s weight for several millennia.