The Nautical Almanac for the Year 1981: For Training Purposes Only PDF

Jump to navigation Jump to search „B-2“ and „Stealth Bomber“ redirect here. Because of the Nautical Almanac for the Year 1981: For Training Purposes Only PDF considerable capital and operating costs, the project was controversial in the U. By the mid-1970s, military aircraft designers had learned of a new method to avoid missiles and interceptors, known today as „stealth“.

Författare: H. M. Nautical Almanac Office.

Data in this book are no longer valid for navigation. It is preserved in print because many training programs (including USCG and US Navy ) use examples from 1981 to teach celestial navigation. USCG license exams require data from this almanac. These exams also require Sight Reduction Tables, Pub 229, Vol. 2 and a 2102-D Star Finder.

The concept was to build an aircraft with an airframe that deflected or absorbed radar signals so that little was reflected back to the radar unit. In 1974, DARPA requested information from U. Northrop and Lockheed were awarded contracts in the first round of testing. Lockheed received the sole award for the second test round in April 1976 leading to the Have Blue program and eventually the F-117 stealth attack aircraft. By 1976, these programs had progressed to a position in which a long-range strategic stealth bomber appeared viable. President Carter became aware of these developments during 1977, and it appears to have been one of the major reasons the B-1 was canceled. Further studies were ordered in early 1978, by which point the Have Blue platform had flown and proven the concepts.

Front view of tailless aircraft parked in front of building. On the building face is a blue and red rectangular flag. A star-shaped artwork is on the taxiway in front of aircraft. The B-2’s first public display in 1988 at Palmdale, California: In front of the B-2 is a star shape formed with five B-2 silhouettes. Full development of the black project followed, and was funded under the code name „Aurora“. Rockwell design on 20 October 1981.