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This article needs additional citations for verification. Phonetic reversal is the process of reversing the phonemes or phones :REverSAL 02 PDF a word or phrase.

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War das alles nur ein grässlicher Albtraum? Nein! Als Ayame zum zweiten Mal in die spiegelverkehrte Welt gezogen wird, wird ihr klar, dass sie nicht länger die Augen verschließen kann. Vielleicht sind die Zombies ja nur so aggressiv, weil sie selbst Angst haben. Obwohl, Zombies haben doch keine Gefühle! Und was weiß Ayames Schwester eigentlich über dieses Spiel? Noch ahnt niemand, dass hinter allem ein unmenschlicher Gegner steckt, der einem das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lässt.

Backmasking involves not only the reversal of the order of phonemes or phones, but the reversal of the allophonic realizations of those phonemes. According to proponents of reverse speech, phonetic reversal occurs unknowingly during normal speech. In the television drama Twin Peaks, the Man from Another Place’s character’s speech was phonetically reversed. The Simpsons used the technique to parody Twin Peaks in the episode „Who Shot Mr. The English rock band Radiohead used the effect on the song „Like Spinning Plates“, released on their 2001 album Amnesiac.

A specific recording of the phrase „In the mix“ exists that is a phonetic palindrome, and is often used by Turntablist DJs for this reason. In the 2008 monster film Cloverfield, after the credits, a broken sound recording can be heard of Rob saying „help us“, as at the end, he and his girlfriend were trapped under a bridge. Guinness World Record Holder, David Fuhrer aka „Mr Backwards“ in a backwards-speaking competition live on Triple J. In 2008, Dave performed on Australia’s Got Talent saying „Does Australia Have Talent? During the opening theme song for Gravity Falls, a whisper is heard saying, „I’m still here. However, if one reverses it, it says, „Three Letters Back“, which is a clue to the ending credits code.

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