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Författare: Richard Guthrie.
‚Absolutely first rate… Publishing is a remarkable achievement‘ – John Martin, founder of Black Sparrow Press At last, a readable, authoritative and comprehensive book for students, readers and practitioners in print and digital publishing. The book guides the reader through the history of publishing and the main issues facing the industry today. Among these are: . Legal conundrums
. Cultural conflicts
. Trade practices
. Publishing within and across sectors
. Editorial requirements
. The challenge of electronic publishing
. Making your ideas count in print
. Rationalization and the growth of corporate publishing cultures The result is an exciting one stop guide, written with real flair and aplomb. Packed with helpful real-world examples and illustrative interviews this practical resource leaves no stone of the publishing industry unturned.

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The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal is an essential building block in the development of a coherent and respected network of knowledge. It is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the institutions that support them. Peer-reviewed articles support and embody the scientific method. It is therefore important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher and the society of society-owned or sponsored journals. These guidelines have been written with all these requirements in mind but especially recognising that it is an important role of the publisher to support the huge efforts made by journal editors, and the often unsung volunteer work undertaken by peer reviewers, in maintaining the integrity of the scholarly record. Elsevier, as the world’s leading journal publisher, takes its duties of guardianship over the scholarly record extremely seriously.

Our journals record „the minutes of science“ and we recognise our responsibilities as the keeper of those „minutes“ in all our policies , not least the ethical guidelines that we have adopted here. Elsevier is adopting these policies and procedures to support editors, reviewers and authors in performing their ethical duties under these guidelines. We work with other publishers and industry associations to set standards for best practices on ethical matters, errors and retractions. We are committed to ensuring that the potential for advertising, reprint or other commercial revenue has no impact or influence on editorial decisions .

Collaborate to set industry best practice. Crossref Similarity Check reports for all submissions to our editorial systems. We also provide extensive education and advice on publishing ethics standards, particularly for early career researchers . The validation of the work in question and its importance to researchers and readers must always underwrite such decisions. The editor shall ensure that the peer review process is fair, unbiased, and timely.