Mighty Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis – The Complete Collection PDF

The main star of the book is Jessica Jones, a former superhero and private investigator, previously seen in the Alias series. In the first story arc, the Green Goblin’s true identity is revealed mighty Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis – The Complete Collection PDF the public after an investigation by The Daily Bugle into the murder of a Bugle journalist.

Författare: Olivier Coipel.
In the wake of a Civil war, a new team of Avengers assembles and it’s the mightiest of all – from Iron Man to Ms. Marvel and Wasp!

In the second story arc, in a tie-in to the Secret War mini-series, Jessica and Luke are attacked by a mystery woman who leaves Luke in a coma. The hospital where Luke is being cared for at is attacked and Luke disappears. Jessica fails to get help from the Bugle in locating him and must find him herself. 1 A 50-cent promo printed on cheap newsprint.

Made to look like a copy of the Daily Bugle’s Pulse publication, covering the events of the House of M universe. Articles are „Headline News“, „Global News“, „Politics“, „History Today“, „Science“, „Sports“, „Arts and Leisure“ and „Personal Growth“. Ben Urich starts to investigate a down and out „C-list“ hero named D-Man. Jessica Jones tells her baby girl, Danielle, about the first time she met Luke Cage.