Die Bekehrung des Synesios von Kyrene PDF

Euoptius to Alexandria, where he became an enthusiastic Neoplatonist and disciple of Hypatia. Between 395 and 399 he spent some time in Athens. In 398 he was chosen as die Bekehrung des Synesios von Kyrene PDF envoy to the imperial court in Constantinople by Cyrene and the whole Pentapolis.

Författare: Tassilo Schmitt.
The volumes published in the series "Beiträge zur Altertumskunde" comprise monographs, collective volumes, editions, translations and commentaries on various topics from the fields of Greek and Latin Philology, Ancient History, Archeology, Ancient Philosophy as well as Classical Reception Studies. The series thus offers indispensable research tools for a wide range of disciplines related to the Ancient Studies.

He went to the capital in occasion of the delivery of the aurum coronarium and his task was to obtain tax remissions for his country. In 402, during an earthquake, Synesius left Constantinople to return to Cyrene. Egyptian city that he married and lived, before returning at Cyrene in 405. In 410 Synesius, whose Christianity had until then been by no means very pronounced, was popularly chosen to be bishop of Ptolemais, and, after long hesitation on personal and doctrinal grounds, he ultimately accepted the office thus thrust upon him, being consecrated by Theophilus at Alexandria. His many-sided activity, as shown especially in his letters, and his loosely mediating position between Neoplatonism and Christianity, make him a subject of fascinating interest. Synésios de Cyrène, Collection Budé, 6 vols. Symbole sten politike theoria ton Byzantinon, Athens 2005, passim.

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