Wohnwagen-Bazar PDF

The word was wohnwagen-Bazar PDF to designate a group of people who were travelling by camel or horse on the Silk Road. A convoy or procession of travelers, their vehicles and cargo, and any pack animals, especially camels crossing a desert.

Författare: Nathalie Zubic-Bulbulian.
Wohnwagen-Basar – Nähen und Sticken wie die fahrenden Völker. Über zwanzig Näh- und Stickprojekte mit der schillernd-bunten und vielfältigen Handschrift der fahrenden Völker. Woll- und Baumwollgarne, Seidenbänder, Tüll, Spitze, Perlen und Stoff – Nathalie Zubic-Bulbulian zaubert aus allen möglichen Materialien kleine Lieblingsstücke. 69 Seiten, 24,6 x 23 cm, Hardcover

To the left the caravan animals, securely picketed, at regular distances of some fifteen yards apart, occupied an area of several acres. Would they could have foretold that my caravan would have been cut up by the Shinwaris almost within shadow of the Pass! Eusufzai agent of a Rajputana trading-house whose goods had been feloniously diverted into the hands of other robbers just across the Border, and whose misfortunes were the laughing-stock of the bazar. Ohé, priest, whence come you and whither do you go?

Camel caravans, and courageous teamsters opened regular carrying businesses between Southern Cross and Coolgardie, while coaches began to run over the desert. A furnished vehicle towed behind a car, etc. At the end of the car park were three caravans. The wedding party got in their cars and caravaned from the chapel to the reception hall.