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Cape Cod Potato Chips is a snack food company most famously known for their brand of potato chips. The company is headquartered weber’s Veggie PDF Hyannis, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. The company’s logo is a woodcut of Nauset Light with the company name in Caslon Antique.

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Cape Cod Potato Chips was founded in 1980 with the idea of offering healthier foods made with little processing, Lynn had started a natural foods store in the 1970s. Steve Bernard pursued adding potato chips to the mix after tasting a natural potato chip from a successful company based in Hawaii. Unlike typical commercial brands made using a continuous frying process, in which potato slices travel through a tub of oil on a conveyor belt, Cape Cod chips are cooked in batches in kettles, frying them in a shallow vat in oil while stirring with a rake, producing a crunchier chip. Snack Food Association president James A. The company struggled for months after it opened on July 4, 1980.

The following winter a car crashed through the front window of the store, almost hitting Steve’s daughter. An insurance payment and publicity from the accident helped tide the company over until the following summer, by which time sales were substantial, and the company’s chips were being sold through a number of supermarket chains. The company was acquired by Anheuser-Busch in 1985, and operated as a division of its Eagle Snacks unit. This section needs additional citations for verification. This section appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Japanese jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara recorded a composition titled „Cape Cod Chips“ on her 2009 solo piano album „Place to Be“. Steve Bernard, Who Founded Cape Cod Chips, Dies at 61″.