Walker’s Map 30 Eastbourne 1 : 25 000 PDF

Five episodes of walker’s Map 30 Eastbourne 1 : 25 000 PDF 2 were lost from the BBC Archives. After hearing of the formation of the Home Guard, George Mainwaring, a bank manager, takes it upon himself to form a platoon in Walmington-on-Sea.

Författare: Aa Publishing.

Covering an area of 50km^2 and with a large scale of 1:25,000, this map has the familiar look and style of OS mapping, with improved coverage of the featured areas. Aimed at outdoor enthusiasts in particular, the level of details ensures nothing gets missed and you won’t get lost.

Mainwaring, worried that the Nazis could attack at any time, attempts to requisition much-needed weapons from the local Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons. In exchange for weapons, Mainwaring hands over command to Colonel Square, but the weapons are muskets and Square wants the platoon to fight on horseback. Polish officer wishes to claim the reward for himself. Major Regan from area headquarters decides that Jones is too old to be in the Home Guard, and announces that unless Jones can complete the assault course in fifteen minutes, he will be removed from the platoon. The platoon is chosen to provide the guard of honour for the Prime Minister on his visit to Walmington-on-Sea, but poor performance at the shooting range causes Major Regan to have them compete with the neighbouring Eastgate platoon for the honour. The platoon participates in an invasion exercise with Captain Ogilvie and a Highland regiment. The platoon mistakenly believes an invasion is in progress, and splits into two sections.

One section, though, mistakes the other for the enemy. Walker is called up into the army. The platoon, anxious at how they will obtain off-the-ration supplies without him, fight to keep him. Private Pike’s mother agrees to take in a child evacuee, but Wilson misunderstands her and believes she is pregnant. Mainwaring orders Wilson to marry her.

Mainwaring has the opportunity to promote someone to corporal. Rather than promote Jones, he tests who has the greatest potential by temporarily promoting Private Frazer to lance corporal. Frazer’s increasingly dictatorial manner soon alienates the platoon. When Frazer spots what he believes to be a German spy signalling planes, the platoon arrests a suspect who protests that he is a naturalised Englishman. Jones donates his van as a troop transport, but Walker wants to use it for his black market activities. Both men are sent with the van to work with Air Raid Precautions during an exercise. The platoon is selected to attend a weekend camp run by a tough Spanish captain.