Walker’s Map 11 Lyme Bay 1 : 25 000 PDF

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Covering an area of 50km^2 and with a large scale of 1:25,000, this map has the familiar look and style of OS mapping, with improved coverage of the featured areas. Aimed at outdoor enthusiasts in particular, the level of details ensures nothing gets missed and you won’t get lost.

Part of Geology of the Wessex Coast Website, Ian West and Southampton University. With photographic contribution by Nikolett Csorvasi. Aerial photographs by courtesy of The Channel Coastal Observatory . Great care needs to be taken when descending into old quarries or scrambling over rocks near the shore. The Meadfoot Group is exposed in the relatively low, but rocky cliffs between Meadfoot Beach and Thatcher Point. The above is a general aerial photograph of the Hope’s Nose area for location purposes. Note: The aerial photograph above is of particular interest in that it shows a large plume of pollution being swept southward from the sewage outfall.

This outfall has now been stopped. My Dear Sir, – I have examined and will return tomorrow your shell-fragments. The palaeoclimatic conditions implied by the interglacial fauna do not indicate a drastic change from those at present, even though a whole glacial phase has separated the time of deposition from the present-day. Shannon considered that the limestones above the thrust plane are Middle Devonian, Givetian, S2, and those beneath Givetian, S1. They are predominantly within-plate alkaline basalts, with subordinate sub-alkaline basalt with geochemistry indicative of a mantle source. The lowest beds are very dark grey shaly limestone in thin irregular beds. Edwards and Haime and Pachypora ?

At the top of the winding cliff path leading to Walls Hill, west of the above exposure, thin-bedded red shaly limestone is exposed in the narrow gap separating two clearly defined faults which traverse the massive limestone. A Review of the Geological Heritage of Torbay. A luxurious clifftop home being built for a wealthy businessman now boasts an even better view after a large chunk of land crumbled into the sea. The landslide was witnessed by carpenter Daniel Julyan and his father, Philip, as they put the finishing touches to the house in Dawlish, south Devon. A landslip at a beach in south Devon has turned the sea in the area red and caused an already partially collapsed empty house to be further damaged. Thousands of tonnes of earth and stone were estimated to have fallen at Oddicombe beach on Tuesday night, Torbay Council said. A section of the beach has been closed as a result.

The collapse follows a seawall between Torquay and Paignton being breached earlier in the week. The area is famous for its red earth and sandstone. The collapsed house, in one of the most expensive areas of Torquay, has been uninhabitable for some time. It used to have a large cliff-facing garden, which has eroded away over several years, and part of the house itself went down a neighbouring cliff in December.