Trinity Seven, Vol. 13: The Seven Magicians PDF

This article needs additional citations for verification. The DC Multiverse trinity Seven, Vol. 13: The Seven Magicians PDF a fictional continuity construct that is used in DC Comics publications. The Multiverse has undergone numerous changes and has included various universes, listed below between the original Multiverse and its successors.

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Originally there was no consistency regarding „numbered“ Earths—they would be either spelled out as words or use numbers even within the same story. Variations of some of these worlds appeared in the 52 and New 52 multiverse, which are also Hypertime realties. Earth-Zero is populated by Bizarro versions of various DC characters. It is a homage to Bizarro World, with its population of Bizarros and cubical shape. The original Bizarro World was not a parallel Earth, but another planet that existed in the same universe as Earth-One. This was one of the proposed names for the post-Zero Hour DC Universe after a somewhat definitive timeline was established. The default Earth for most of DC’s comics during the time the original Multiverse construct was in use, Earth-One was by far the most populated and widely explored and it retained dominance over the other four worlds which merged with it during the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

Politically, Earth-Two was different from the Earth-One template modeled after Earth-Prime. Had a Hypertime copy called Earth-2. DC Wiki suggests that the Golden Age appearances of Superboy might have been on this Earth. Note this is different from Earth-Forty, where Superboy was already a famous superhero who grew up and regularly operated in Metropolis.

This Earth was introduced at the beginning of Crisis, and disappeared less than a year later. Hypertime versions of this world called Earth-4 and Earth 4 exist. Transported by the Phantom Stranger to a universe with no Krypton and no superheroes, the Earth-One Batman prevents the murders of the Earth-Five versions of his parents and inspires this Earth’s Bruce Wayne to grow up to become Batman. On this Earth, America lost the Revolutionary War, and technology appears to have advanced more rapidly than on Earth-One. Earth-Six was destroyed in Crisis with only Lady Quark surviving.

The Anti-Monitor saved Dark Angel, just as the Monitor had saved her counterpart Harbinger. The only known survivor of Earth-Seven, Dark Angel escaped the compression of the Multiverse to torment Donna Troy across several lifetimes. Home to DC characters created after Crisis on Infinite Earths, as mentioned in an interview with Infinite Crisis writer Geoff Johns. A nuclear war devastated this Earth in 1966. This Earth may have been home to other comedic superheroes published by DC. Additionally, references within the series pointed to versions of Justice League members having existed in that universe. Named in Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!

Mentioned in Animal Man, where purple butterflies are an „Earth-14 species“. An Earth-based around the „grim n‘ gritty“ stories of the 1980s, the heroes of this universe were actually part of an experiment created by the government. STD, a black and muscular Wonder Woman, an unnamed Flash and a punk-style Green Lantern. A pocket reality created by the Time Trapper as part of an elaborate plan to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Trapper „pruned“ his copy reality until only Earth and Krypton had any life. Three Phantom Zone criminals destroyed all life on Earth, leaving the reality a dead wasteland with Matrix Supergirl being the only survivor.

Home of variant versions of Animal Man, Batman, and B’wana Beast and historical divergences such as Hitler’s hanging for his war crimes and Edward Kennedy’s drowning at Chappaquiddick. The American government is corrupt and extremely right-wing. The Buddy Baker of the Post-Crisis Earth could only exist in this universe in the body and mind of that universe’s Buddy Baker and could only leave by killing his parallel self. After Carol Ferris professed her love for Hal Jordan instead of Green Lantern and accepted his marriage proposal, he eventually figured out that he had somehow shifted into a parallel universe, which he compared to the home of the JSA and labeled Earth-32.