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Big Tom and The Mainliners were a Country and Irish showband from the Castleblayney area of County Monaghan, Ireland. Originally named as „The Mighty Mainliners Showband“, the band achieved fame after appearing on RTÉ Television’s Showband Show broadcast on 21 May 1966 performing Gentle Mother which subsequently reached number 7 in the pop charts of Ireland. The band subsequently used other lead vocalists, including John Glenn, Tom Allen and Jan Lynch, and occasionally performed without a front man. Due to their advancing years the band tom Strong 1 PDF only had occasional ‚comeback‘ tours.

Författare: Chris Sprouse.

They have toured more regularly in the last 4 years with the original band playing together. Big Tom passed away on 17 April 2018. This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 16 February 2019. He was appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.

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