Tigres de la otra noche PDF

Tigres de la otra noche PDF de Buenos Aires, 1923, poetry. El tamaño de mi esperanza, 1925, essays. El idioma de los argentinos, 1928, essays.

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Evaristo Carriego, 1930, a tightly linked collection of essays on the Argentine poet Evaristo Carriego. Discusión, 1932, essays and literary criticism. An expanded version was published in 1957. Historia de la eternidad, 1936, essays. El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan, 1941, short stories.

English title: Garden of Forking Paths, published as a section of Ficciones. This was a complete republication of his three previous volumes of poetry, plus some additional poems. Some of the republished poems were modified for this edition. Ficciones, 1944, short stories, an expanded version of El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan, 1941. The 1956 edition adds 3 stories. Un modelo para la muerte, 1946, detective fiction, written with Adolfo Bioy Casares, originally published under the name B.

The original publication was a private printing of only 300 copies. Dos fantasías memorables, 1946, two fantasy stories, written with Adolfo Bioy Casares. El Aleph, 1949, essays and short stories. A slightly expanded edition was published in 1957. Aspectos de la poesía gauchesca, 1950, literary criticism. Antiguas literaturas germánicas, 1951, literary criticism, written with Delia Ingenieros.

La muerte y la brújula, 1951, short stories selected from earlier published volumes. Otras inquisiciones 1937-1952, 1952, essays and literary criticism. Historia de la eternidad, 1953, essays, short stories, and literary criticism. Essentially the same as Poemas : 1922-1943, but with the addition of a few newer poems. El paraíso de los creyentes, 1955, 2 screenplays, written with Adolfo Bioy Casares. Leopoldo Lugones, 1955, literary criticism, written with Betina Edelborg.

La hermana de Eloísa, 1955, short stories. This slim book consists of two stories by Borges, two by Luisa Mercedes Levinson, and the title story, on which they collaborated. Manual de zoología fantástica, 1957, short pieces about imaginary beings, written with Margarita Guerrero. Libro del cielo y del infierno, 1960, essays and one poem, written with Adolfo Bioy Casares. Some of this material comes from Antiguas literaturas germánicas, 1951.

Antología Personal, 1961, essays, poetry, literary criticism, some of it not previously published in book form. El lenguaje de Buenos Aires, 1963, long essays, written with José Edmundo Clemente. The 1968 edition adds several new essays by Clemente. Introducción a la literatura inglesa, 1965, literary criticism, written with María Esther Vázquez. Para las seis cuerdas, 1965, lyrics for tangos and milongas.

An expanded edition came out in 1970, but all of the poems in either edition can also be found in El otro, el mismo, 1969. Literaturas germánicas medievales, 1966, literary criticism, written with María Esther Vázquez. This is a reworking of Antiguas literaturas germánicas, 1951. 1967, written with Adolfo Bioy Casares.

An odd book: deliberately pompous critical essays by an imaginary author. English title: Chronicles of Bustos Domecq, 1976. Introducción a la literatura norteamericana, 1967, literary criticism, written with Esther Zemborain de Torres. El libro de los seres imaginarios, 1967, expansion of Manual de zoología fantástica, 1957, written with Margarita Guerrero. Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges, 1968, with Richard Burgin, originally published in English.