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This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. KARR from the original series episode „K. KITT, originally designed by Wilton Knight and built by his company Knight Industries. Upon completion of the vehicle, KARR’s CPU was installed the One-Armed Knight PDF activated.

Författare: Raymond Khoury.

However, a programming error made the computer unstable and potentially dangerous. The project was put on hold and KARR was placed in storage until a solution could be found. Unlike KITT, whose primary directive is to protect human life, KARR was programmed for self-preservation, making him a ruthless and unpredictable threat. He does not appear as streetwise as KITT, being very naive and inexperienced and having a childlike perception of the world. KARR first appeared in the Season One episode „Trust Doesn’t Rust“ aired on NBC on November 19, 1982, where he seemingly met his demise at the end. However, he was so popular with viewers that he was brought back again in the Season Three episode „K.

However, the latter did not occur and KARR was placed in storage and forgotten following the death of Wilton Knight. When the two thieves realize how useful the vehicle could be, they use KARR to go on a crime spree, whilst Michael and KITT frantically try to catch up with KARR and stop him before anyone is seriously hurt. Bonnie devises a high-powered laser, the only known way to stop KARR, which must be fired from KITT directly into KARR’s scanner. However, when KARR needs maintenance, Tony kidnaps Bonnie before the laser can fully be calibrated. KARR’s only weakness is his primary directive of self-preservation and Michael uses this to his advantage. When KARR threatens to destroy KITT in a head-on collision, Michael plays chicken with him, on a hunch that KARR will veer out of KITT’s path in order to protect himself. Trust Doesn’t Rust was also printed in book form, written by Roger Hill and Glen A.

Larson, following the story and general script of the original television episode, expanding some areas of the plot and adding several extra secondary characters. He was damaged and ended up buried in the sand on the beach below the cliffs. When the tide had gone out, a young couple, John and Mandy, stumble upon the partially buried car, dig him out, and reactivate him. This time, KARR is furious and has only one clear motive: revenge against Michael and KITT. KARR is still damaged after the last encounter with KITT and forces John to serve as his driver, and also to carry out some cosmetic modifications to his paintwork in a ravine in order to differ entirely from KITT. KARR challenges Michael and KITT to a final showdown. After releasing the young couple, KARR fires a stolen laser and damages KITT.

However, Michael and KITT destroy KARR’s laser by reflecting the beam back to the emitter. Damaged, KARR prepares for another attack. KARR’s scanner originally made a low droning noise, but in the comeback episode it sounds similar to KITT’s but with a slight reverb audio effect added to it. The sound of KARR’s engine, originally sounding rough and „fierce“, here sounds similar to KITT’s, again effected by a reverb. KARR’s personality is also somewhat different in the comeback episode.

His childlike perceptions are diminished into a more devious personality, completely cold and bent on revenge. His self-preservation directive is no longer in play. KITT, hoping that his own destruction would also spell his counterpart’s. In the episode, a spy infiltrates the SSC and activates a self-destruct program within KITT, placed there secretly by Dr. Michael and Sarah transmit the files to the back-up computer at the headquarters, but the transmission is also intercepted by an unknown third party.

It is stated that KITT, KARR and the base back-up computer are the only systems able to run the program, and leaves Dr. Graiman reveals that Mike was KARR’s driver and his memories were erased after KARR became uncontrollable. He says that he knew of and opposed Alex Torres and the NSA’s plans to reactivate KARR, as they wrongfully believe KITT’s artificial intelligence will overwrite KARR’s programming flaws. KARR seems to believe that it is his destiny to merge with Mike as before, and comes after KITT to destroy him and get Mike back. Despite KITT lacking his transformation protocols and weapons, Mike takes him into battle anyway. Using a grappling hook, Mike and KITT pull out KARR’s chest plate, freeing Alex, and Turbo Boost through his body, destroying him in a manner similar to the destruction of KARR in the original series.

KARR is in both Knight Rider: The Game and its sequel. In the first one he is teamed with Garthe Knight, but at the end of the game is caught in an explosion and falls into the sea. KITT damages his systems and drives him into a fire. Mattel has released two die-cast metal models of KARR. A 1:18 scale model as part of the Hot Wheels Elite collection and a 1:64 scale model as part of the Hot Wheels Retro Nostalgia Entertainment collection.

They both resemble KARR’s appearance from KITT Vs. KARR with silver paint around the bottom half of the vehicle. Trust Doesn’t Rust paperback novel on iblist. Mercedes „Misty“ Knight is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Within the context of the Marvel Universe, Knight is a former NYPD police officer, whose arm was amputated following a bomb attack. Tony Isabella with artist Arvell Jones.