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Kohoes Falls, from the book En Resa til Norra America by Pehr Kalm. Celebrated by 18th-century travelers in letters and journals, the Cohoes Falls, also called The Great Falls of the Mohawk, the Illustration Of The Catskill Mountains PDF regarded as the second-most beautiful cataract in New York State after Niagara.

Författare: H. Schile.

In 1831, town leaders built a dam across the Mohawk River to harness the power of the falls to fuel the turbines of the city’s burgeoning textile industry. Over the next several decades, the predominant company, Harmony Mills, became the largest manufacturer of cotton in the United States, thanks to its control of local water rights. Cohoes Falls in Winter – Very Low. Cohoes Falls in Spring – High Volume. Cohoes Falls in April – Dry. The Erie Canal was planned to overcome the navigational barrier of the Cohoes Falls.

The original „Clinton’s Ditch“, the Erie Canal of 1825, was built through the city of Cohoes. The later Enlarged Canal was realigned, yet still went through the City of Cohoes. Crescent Dam to the Barge Canal through Lock 6. Water flow over Cohoes Falls ranges from zero to 90,000 cubic feet per second.