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Författare: Luis Zett.
Wie ein Fieber kam die Tango-Passion über Luis Zett, und die entstandene Musik klingt so authentisch, dass man argentinisches Blut in seinen Adern vermuten möchte.

Knowledgeable Dance Instructor  – This is your chance to Dance ! So you want to dance – What do you do now? There is  no need to sign up, Just come along to the dates above. Our classes and events are open to anyone with or without a    dance partner. You only pay for the classes you attend. Dance at 8′ offers you the widest range of dance styles to get you moving around the floor with Confidence and Style. We make dancing Fun and Easy for you!

A warm welcome for all regardless of where you currently dance. Press here to receive our Free Newsletter. An opportunity to add some simple but effective variations to your basic routine. The Slow Foxtrot is a favourite among many ballroom dancers think about the smooth dancing of Fred and Ginger. Because of its smoothness, it is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of the standard dances.

Once you learn the Foxtrot, you really feel like a dancer. The quicker version of the Foxtrot mixed with Charleston developed into the Quickstep. For more information phone  ‚Dance at 8‘ on 01905 427511. A nice ans easy introduction to Argentine Tango, this was the original Tango Dance.

Originating in Buenos Aires, the Milonga is a fast paced dance that preceded modern day Argentine Tango. The Milonga places more emphasis on feeling the rhythm of the music and keeping the body relaxed. This is a good starter dance and very easy to learn with exciting music to inspire you. Everyone welcome, Regardless of where you currently dance. For more information phone ‚Dance at 8‘ on 01905 427511.

Our classes normally run for 6 weeks in length. In that time we concentrate on only one or two dance styles as advertised. This allows you to really focus on that particular dance. With Dance at 8’s method of teaching you get a very solid routine in just 6 weeks which you will feel confident dancing socially providing you practice. We teach technique throughout all of our classes.

We also choreograph all our dance steps so we don’t just do the standard ‚basic steps’. So come along and have some fun ! Social Dance events with ‚Dance at 8‘ in Worcestershire. Blue Tango“ is an instrumental composition by Leroy Anderson, written for orchestra in 1951 and published in 1952. It was later turned into a popular song with lyrics by Mitchell Parish. Numerous artists have since covered „Blue Tango“. Hugo Winterhalter and his orchestra recorded „Blue Tango“ at Manhattan Center, New York City, on January 22, 1952.

It was released by RCA Victor as catalog number 20-4518A, with the flip side „Gypsy Trail“. Les Baxter and his orchestra released a version of „Blue Tango“ by Capitol Records as catalog number 1681, with the flip side „Because of You“. A recording of the song by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians was released by Decca Records as catalog number 28031, with the flip side „At Last, At Last“. A vocal version was recorded by Alma Cogan in the United Kingdom in 1952. The song was also featured on the first UK Singles Chart the same year in another instrumental recording by orchestra leader Ray Martin. The song was subsequently revived by Bill Black’s Combo. This recording was released by Hi Records as catalog number 2027, with the flip side „Willie“.

It first reached the Billboard charts on December 12, 1960 and lasted 7 weeks on the chart. French singer Amanda Lear recorded her own version of „Blue Tango“, providing it with self-penned lyrics. The recording was included on her debut 1977 album I Am a Photograph and released as a 7″ single in the Netherlands and Russia. The single was not a commercial success and did not chart. The music video referenced rumours on her alleged transsexualism, which circulated in media at that time.

The clip opens with Lear wearing a mannish attire, a black tie and a bowler hat. The singer then „transforms“ herself into a woman, taking the costume off and revealing a long bright dress. Another music video was produced for a popular German TV show Musikladen. It pictures the singer sat at the table while performing the song and smoking a cigarette.

In 1982, another video for „Blue Tango“ was released for Italian TV show Premiatissima, which Lear hosted at that time. January 1961 by Pye Records as catalog number 7N. Singles Discography for Brunswick Records – UK – pre 05000 series“. RCA Victor 20-prefix series: 4500 – 5000, 78rpm numerical listing discography“. Capitol 1500 – 2000, 78rpm numerical listing discography“.