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1893 to the present freely available on this website, though recent titles may not be released until three years from the date of publication. The digital versions are intended to make the range of our publications known to a wider public, and may be used for reference purposes, to evaluate books for purchase or for university courses and for private study. The copyright belongs either to snorri Sturluson PDF authors or to the Viking Society, as stated at the beginning of each work, and permission must be obtained from the Society to use downloaded versions either in whole or in part for any other purpose.

Författare: Hans Fix.
Frontmatter — Vorwort / Fix, Hans — Inhaltsverzeichnis — Ragnarøkr und der Kampf um Troja (Skáldskaparmál 87, 1 – 88, 3) / BECK, HEINRICH — Snorri’s Edda as narrative / ROSS, MARGARET CLUNIES — Die Worttrennung am Zeilenende in Handschriften der Snorra Edda / FIX, HANS / BIRKMANN, THOMAS — Vom Autor zum Kompilator. Snorri Sturlusons Heimskringla und die nachklassischen Sagas von Olav Tryggvason / GLAUSER, JÜRG — Snorri Sturluson and the Everlasting Battle / PÁLSSON, HERMANN — Hommage für Skúli Bárðarson / KLINGENBERG, HEINZ — Der Historiker Snorri: Autor oder Kompilator? / HARALDSDÓTTIR, KOLBRÚN — Jacob Schimmelmann und der Beginn der Snorra Edda-Rezeption in Deutschland / KRÖMMELBEIN, THOMAS — Der Dialog in Snorris Gylfaginning / MAROLD, EDITH — Literatur als historisches Argument: Einige Bemerkungen zum Nachwirken Snorris in Skandinavien vom 17.-19. Jahrhundert / SCHIER, KURT — Zu Snorris Erzählstrategie in der Óláfs saga helga / SCHOTTMANN, HANS — Zur handschriftlichen Überlieferung der Werke Snorri Sturlusons / SEELOW, HUBERT — Snorri als Kosmograph / SIMEK, RUDOLF — Sprache und Religion im Prolog der Snorra Edda / STRERATH-BOLZ, ULRIKE — Snorri Sturluson als Hagiograph / TÓMASSON, SVERRIR — Bemerkungen zur Bildung und Semantik gelehrter Wörter und Wendungen in Snorris Heimskringla / WALTER, ERNST

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For any queries about the content of this website contact anthony. Translated with introduction and notes by Ármann Jakobson and D. Margaret Clunies Ross and Jonas Wellendorf. A standard edition of the Eddukvæði based on Codex Regius. A Christian dream vision in verse. A standard edition of Snorra Edda, based mainly on Codex Regius. A verse translation of the Disticha Catonis.

A fourteenth-century Christian poem by Eysteinn Ásgrímsson. Enumeration of the skalds, with facing neo-Latin translation. An edition of much of the extant skaldic poetry. The A volumes represent a loose diplomatic edition.

The B volumes represent a normalised edition and Danish translation. The first volume in the series Alfræði íslenzk, an initiative to publish the encyclopaedic works of early Iceland. This volume is a complete edition of the manuscript AM 194, 8vo, now in the Arnemagnæan collection in Copenhagen. The manuscript covers various scholarly topics, from geography to medicine. This volume contains the three Icelandic computistical treatises, concerned with both ecclesiastical and practical aspects of time-reckoning.

Kålund, with a lengthy introduction on medieval time-reckoning by Beckman. Alfræði íslenzk III: Landalýsingar et al. Early Icelandic law in written form. This file is a mirror of the scan provided by Sagnanetið but in a portable format. A work written as an instruction of monarchs, specifically King Magnús Hákonarson.

Abbot Nikulás Bergsson’s description of the road to Jerusalem. Published with a neo-Latin introduction, notes, and facing translation as Symbolae ad geographiam medii aevi, this was the first modern edition of the treatise. The deeds of Alexander the Great. Includes the Old Norse translation of the medieval Epistola Alexandri ad Aristotelem as an appendix.