Sepsis, SIRS, Immune Response – Concepts, Diagnostics and Therapy PDF

National inpatient hospital sepsis, SIRS, Immune Response – Concepts, Diagnostics and Therapy PDF: the most expensive conditions by payer, 2011. Iwashyna  TJ, Cooke  CR, Wunsch  H, Kahn  JM. Population burden of long-term survivorship after severe sepsis in older Americans. Gaieski  DF, Edwards  JM, Kallan  MJ, Carr  BG.

Författare: Axel Nierhaus.
Sepsis and septic shock and the delayed multi-organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) continue to be the major determinants for adverse outcome in critically ill patients, even though substantial advances in the field of supportive care could be identified recently. However, MODS still remains a serious threat. There is convincing evidence that MODS is essentially the clinical expression of profoundly dysregulated pathways of the innate and adaptive immune system, ultimately leading to organ failure and death.
This book contains the major part of the program of the Fourth International Symposium on “Sepsis, SIRS, Immune Response”, held in Hamburg in June 2005.
Once again, an international and multidisciplinary group of experts was gathered to discuss and review recent progress in the field of critical care with special emphasis on diagnosis, prevention and therapy of pathological alterations of the immune system in inflammation and sepsis.

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