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George Petty was born in Abbeville, the seat of Vermilion Parish in south Louisiana to George Brown Petty III and his wife, Sarah. Elizabeth had been born in 1891. Petty was not saul Steinberg: The Americans PDF particularly good student in high school, spending a great deal of time on extracurricular activities instead of schoolwork. His artistic bent first became obvious in high school, where he was the staff artist for the school newspaper.

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He also worked in his father’s photo shop where he learned how to use an airbrush. Petty returned to Chicago, and worked as an airbrush retoucher for a local printing company. He was able to establish himself as a freelance artist, painting calendar girls and magazine covers for The Household. By 1926, he was able to open his own studio. George Petty never discussed in detail those artists who influenced him, other than J.

Petty is especially known for „the Petty Girl“, a series of pin-up paintings of women done for Esquire from the autumn of 1933 until 1956. Petty frequently depicted these women with the relative lengths of their legs being longer—and the relative sizes of their heads being smaller—than those of his actual models. Petty appeared as a guest on the popular TV program What’s My Line on November 20, 1955. Petty died in San Pedro, California, on July 21, 1975. An image of a Petty Girl talking on a phone was used as the „nose art“ on the famous World War II B-17 Flying Fortress, Memphis Belle. Two images of Petty Girls were used in the crowd on The Beatles‘ Sgt.

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Henry Levin and featuring the film debut of Tippi Hedren as one of the Petty Girls. George Petty in the 192-page Petty: The Classic Pin-Up Art of George Petty. Published by Gramercy in 1997, the lavish volume features a foreword by Hugh Hefner and an introductory essay by Petty’s daughter, Marjorie Petty, who was his main model.