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Författare: Akira Amano.
Der winzige Mafiakiller Reborn hat seinen Job als Privatlehrer getan. Aus dem hoffnungslosen Schüler Tsuna Sawada ist der zehnte Boss der ehrwürdigen Vongola-Famiglia geworden. Doch in Rente gehen kann ihr Pate nicht. Zehn Jahre in der Zukunft erwartet Tsunas junge "Familie" eine höllische Bewährungsprobe!

Сборник клипов – Deutsche Music Hits. Follow the link for more information. A reborn doll is a manufactured doll that has been transformed by an artist to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. The hobby of creating reborn baby dolls began in the early 1990s when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls. Since then, an industry surrounding reborn dolls has emerged. Reborn dolls are primarily purchased on the internet but are available at fairs.

Reborning involves numerous time consuming steps. The most basic form of the process involves taking a vinyl doll, adding multiple hand painted layers of paint, and adding other physical features to the doll. Artists can pick different brands to best suit the doll they wish to create. Some consumers of reborn dolls use them to replace a child they once lost, or a child that has grown up. Others collect reborns as they would regular dolls. These dolls are sometimes played with as if they are an infant.

The craft of making reborn dolls began in the United States in the late 1990s. Reborning follows a long tradition of collectors, artists, and manufacturers restoring and enhancing dolls in order to portray more realism. Any type of vinyl doll can be used for reborning. Dolls vary by size, shape, and materials, making some more desirable or popular than others.