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Web, in der App, auf PC, Tablet und Smartphone. Page 3 Loading your dishwasher . Page 4 Upper basket with racks Upper spray arm Lower basket Lower spray arm Filters Rating plate Control Panel Detergent and rinse-aid dispenser Cutlery basket Lower basket handle Salt dispenser Upper basket track latch Top basket handle Active drying unit: This system provides better drying performance for pflege, Pflege-Not, Pflege-Not-Stand PDF dishes. Page 5: Getting Familiar With Your Machine GETTING FAMILIAR WITH YOUR MACHINE 1.

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Der Weg aus dem Pflege-Not-Stand ist nicht nur durch materielle Schritte zu erreichen, sondern auch durch inhaltliche Standortbestimmungen, Diskussionen und Konzepte.
Die Autorinnen sind der Auffassung, daß die Pflege nur dann dem Stand der jetzigen Not begegnen bzw. ihn überwinden kann, wenn sie bereit ist, sich der inhaltlichen Diskussion zu stellen.
Die in diesem Buch gesammelten Beiträge zu den Themen Ethik, Pflegeplanung und Pflegeprozeß, Fortbildung und "Gesundheit für alle bis zum Jahr 2000" sollen Ansätze für die notwendigen Auseinandersetzungen liefern.

Off button is pressed, end of program hours by pressing the delay timer button of your machine. Prewash Buton Note : If you have used an extra feature on the latest washing program, this feature will remain active also on the next washing If you select an extra pre-washing program, you improve washing program. If you do not want to use this feature on the newly performance. Page 8 Before installing, be sure that the machine is unplugged. Check whether the indoor electrical fuse system is connected according to the regulations. All electrical connections must match the values indicated on the rating plate.

Pay special attention and be sure that the machine does not stand on the electricity supply cable. Start your machine after having fully loaded it Use the pre-wash programme only whenever necessary. Page 10: Water Inlet Hose Water connection Be sure that the indoor plumbing is suitable for installing a dishwasher. Page 11: Electrical Connection Electrical connection The earthed plug of your machine should be connected to an earthed outlet supplied by suitable voltage and current. If there is no earthing installation, have a competent electrician carry out an earthing installation. In case of usage without earthing installed, our company will not be responsible for any loss of usage that might occur. Remove all packaging materials inside the machine.

Page 13: Testing Strip Testing strip The washing effectiveness of your machine depends on the softness of the tap water. For this reason, your machine is equipped with a system that reduces the hardness in mains water supply. The washing effectiveness will increase when the system is correctly set. Page 14 After resetting your machine, press the program selection button and keep it pressed down. Your machine displays the latest entered water hardness setting. Page 15: Detergent Usage Detergent usage Use a detergent specifically designed for use in domestic dishwashers.

You can find powder,gel,and tablet detergents in the market that have been designed for household dishwashers. Detergent should be put into the compartment prior to starting the machine. Keep your detergents in cool, dry places out of reach of your children. Page 16: Filling With Rinse Aid And Making The Setting They produce good results for certain types of usage only. Page 17: Loading Your Dishwasher Warning: Use only those rinse aid materials which are allowed for use in the machine. As rinse aid residues left as a result of overflowing will create extremely high amounts of foam and thus reduce the washing performance, remove the excess amount of rinse aid by wiping it with a rag. Page 18: Lower Basket Goblet clamp It enables safe wash of your goblets with long foot and glasses.

Do not lean your long glasses on one another, this way they can not remain stable and can be damaged during washing. To create wide spaces when you do not want to use goblet clamp, turn to position b. Page 20: Standard Loading And Test Data Standard loading and test data Capacity: Upper and lower baskets: 12 place settings. The upper basket should be adjusted to high position.

Cups should be placed on to the dish rack pins. Off button is pressed , two dashes appear in the program display When you select a program with the and the end of program indicator turns on. Page 23: Changing A Programme With Resetting Changing a programme with resetting If you would like to cancel a program while a washing program is resumed Open the door of your machine. The last selected program will appear on the screen.

Discharge process starts after closing the Keep the program selection button pressed for door of the machine. Page 24: Maintenance And Cleaning MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Cleaning the machine in regular intervals prolongs the machine’s service life. Oil and lime may accumulate in the machine’s washing section. Fill the detergent compartment without loading any dishes into the machine, select a programme that runs at high temperature, and start the machine. Page 25: Spray Arms Spray arms Check whether or not the holes for the upper and lower spray arms are clogged.

If there is any clogging, remove the spray arms and clean them under water. You can remove the lower spray arm by pulling it upwards, while the upper spray arm nut can be removed by turning the nut to the left. Page 26: Failure Codes And What To Do In Case Of Failure FAILURE CODES AND WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF FAILURE ERROR CODE ERROR DESCRIPTION CONTROL Make sure the water input tap is totally open and that there is no water cut. Close the water input tap, separate the water input hose from the tap and clean the filter at the connection end of the hose. Page 27 If the programme won’t start Check if the plug is connected. Be sure that the water inlet tap is turned on.

Be sure that you have closed the machine door. Page 28: Practical And Useful Information If there are rust stains on the dishes Stainless-steel quality of the dishes washed is insufficient. High rate of salt in the wash water. Salt compartment cap not closed well.

Too much salt spilt into the sides and into the machine while filling it with salt. Page 31 Oberer Geschirrkorb mit Haltern Oberer Sprüharm Unterer Geschirrkorb Unterer Sprüharm Filter Typenschild Bedienfeld Behälter für Reinigungsmittel und Klarspüler Besteckkorb Griff unterer Geschirrkorb Behälter für Reinigungssalz Schiene am oberen Geschirrkorb Griff oberer Geschirrkorb Aktivtrocknung: Dieses System sorgt für ein besseres Trocknen Ihres Geschirrs. Page 32: Lernen Sie Ihren Neuen Geschirrspüler Kennen LERNEN SIE IHREN NEUEN GESCHIRRSPÜLER KENNEN 1 1 1 1 . Austaste betätigt haben, leuchtet die Programmende-Anzeige auf. Mit dieser Taste können Sie den Beginn eines ausgewählten Programms um 1 bis 19 Stunden verzögern. Page 33 aufheben möchten, können Sie dies mit der Verzögerungstaste Programme auf halbe Beladung einstellen.