Peach Fuzz, Volume 2: Show and Tell PDF

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Författare: Lindsay Cibos.
The exciting day of Show and Tell has arrived, and Amanda unveils Peach to thunderous applause and rave approval. Amanda is happy to receive the attention, but feels a twinge of jealously towards Peach; the kids are only interested in her ferret, not her! Will Peach become the new mascot for Amanda’s class? TOKYOPOP is the leading North American publisher of manga. This genre is the fastest growing segment within publishing and young readers are clamoring for more. Peach Fuzz are full-manga books for readers of all ages. Spotlight is a division of ABDO and features licensed editions of popular fiction printed and bound specifically for the library market. Each Spotlight book is printed on the highest quality paper with reinforced library bindings.

Text at the top reads „Peach Fuzz“ and is followed by a picture of a girl holding a ferret. Peach Fuzz, is an original English-language manga written and illustrated by Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges. The series begins when Amanda desires a unique pet and chooses a young ferret at the local pet shop. Her mother reluctantly yields to her decision on the condition that it should never injure her.

Amanda names it Peach after seeing a fruit stand with peaches. Terrified of losing her new pet and companion, Amanda keeps Peach’s biting a secret. Amanda brings Peach to her class’s show and tell and because of Peach’s popularity with the class, Amanda’s friend Kim decides to get a ferret. Her ferret, Pavaratty, displays arrogance towards Peach and doubts her princess status since she lacks a palace, an entourage and treasure. Peach resolves to gain these things so she can impress the ferret prince.

To ease Peach’s boredom, Amanda gets another ferret, who is named Edwin after the hero of a romance novel. Initially Peach believes he is her ferret prince, but quickly becomes annoyed by him. Amanda brings the ferrets to her friend’s house. There, Peach and Edwin meet Mimi’s albino ferrets, the manic-depressive Spore and melancholy Truffle, who believe that they and anyone who enters their land is cursed. After Edwin breaks off a claw, Peach softens her view of him, but becomes ill. As a young girl, Lindsay Cibos frequently read comic books such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Gargoyles. Some of Peach Fuzz is based on real-life ferrets and places.