Newsboy Legion by Simon and Kirby HC Vol 2 PDF

Fourth World“ is newsboy Legion by Simon and Kirby HC Vol 2 PDF storyline told through a metaseries of interconnecting comic book titles written and drawn by Jack Kirby, and published by DC Comics from 1970 to 1973. As the newsstand distribution system for comics began to break down, Jack Kirby foresaw a day when comics would need to find alternate, more legitimate venues for sale. Unhappy with Marvel Comics at the time, as he had created or co-created a plethora of characters without having copyright or creative custody of them, he turned to rival publisher DC Comics, with his sketches and designs for a new group of heroes and villains.

Författare: Joe Simon.

The idea of the New Gods had come to Jack years earlier, when he was plotting 90 percent of the „Tales of Asgard“ stories in Thor. He wanted to have two planets at war and end with Ragnarok, the battle that would kill Thor’s lucrative pantheon. Cover art by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta. The Fourth World“ dealt with the battle between good and evil as represented by the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips.

Darkseid, the evil lord of Apokolips, seeks the Anti-Life Equation which will allow him to control the thoughts of all living beings. Comics historian Les Daniels observed in 1995 that „Kirby’s mix of slang and myth, science fiction and the Bible, made for a heady brew, but the scope of his vision has endured. The Fourth World characters reappeared in various titles. In 1976, the New Gods were featured in the last issue of 1st Issue Special. The New Gods series relaunched in July 1977, and with 1st Issue Special still a relatively recent publication, it picked up where the storyline of that issue left off. In 1984, DC Comics reprinted Jack Kirby’s original 11 issues of The New Gods in a six-issue limited series.