Monsters and Other Scary Shit PDF

A dancing drummer wearing monsters and Other Scary Shit PDF Namahage costume, performed Namahage-Daiko in Akita Station. The practice has shifted over the years.

Författare: Various Artists.
Do you love monsters? I mean do you really love monsters? Monsters of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds? If you do, then this is the anthology for you. Monsters and Other Shit is the comic book monster anthology to end all monster anthologies. It’s 224 pages of glorious monsters; funny monsters, scary monsters, sci-fi monsters, fantastical monsters, and everything in between.
This isn’t an ode to horror monsters, or sci-fi monsters, or any kind of monster specifically. It’s a beautiful tribute to all kinds of monsters from Sesame Street to Aliens, and much more. You’ll get stories from 30 different creative teams who all love monsters as much as you love monsters. Creators who’ve worked in comic books for decades, and have loved monsters for even longer. Creators include:
Russell Nohelty (Katrina Hates Dead Shit) Erik Lervold (The Red Calaveras) Katrina Kunstmann (Warhead, Zed) Juan Carlos Ramos (Transformers) Michael Tanner and Greg Smith (Junior Braves of the Apocalypse) Scott Bachmann (SuperMom) Nate Lovett (Hack/Slash) Dennis Greenhill (Dark Tarot) Lee Kohse (Star Wars) Joe Ranoia (Shy) Cassidy Lee Phillips (Champion Killers) Nicolas Touris (Godlikes) Saint Yak (Go West) John Hollard (Ayla: Speaker of the Dead) Christie Shinn (Sepulcre) Arthur Bellfield (War’s Chosen) Bradley Sheridan (Why do I Rock) Christian Douglass (Unpopular Tales) Ivan Sarnago (Lunita) David Lucarelli and Henry Ponciano (Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade)
Mary Bellamy (My Little Pony) Nicholas Doan (Monster Elementary) Daniele Serra (Hellraiser)
CW Cooke (Stillwater) Kurt Belcher (Broken Frontiers) Phillip Johnson (Ghost Rider) Jack Holder (Dealing with the Apocalypse) Walter Ostlie (Shiver Bureau) Bobby Timony (The Simpsons) Josh Wagner (Fiction Clemens) Freedom Lee Drudge (Mice Templar) and many more! If you love monsters, then we have monsters. The best monsters in all the land, in fact. This is the monster anthology we’ve always wanted, and now it can be in your hands to cherish for years to come.

The namahage’s purpose was to admonish laggards who sit around the fire idly doing nothing useful. One of the refrains used by the namahage in the olden days was „Blisters peeled yet? Thus „Fire rash peeling“ is generally believed to be the derivation of the name namahage. Some of the namahage’s other spoken lines of old were „Knife whetted yet?

The knife apparently signified the instrument to peel the blisters, and it was customary to have azuki gruel on the „Little New Year“. Although the namahage are nowadays conceived of as a type of oni or ogre, it was originally a custom where youngsters impersonated the kami who made visitations during the New Year’s season. Thus it is a kind of toshigami. The namahage would typically receive mochi from the households they visited, but newlywed couples were supposed to play host to them in full formal attire and offer them sake and food.