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Författare: Liza Cody.
Für Nita Tehri scheint es gut zu laufen. Sie hat Arbeit, eine hübsche Wohnung und Ruhe vor der Familie, die ihr ein fremdbestimmtes Leben aufzwingen wollte. Das Problem ist nur, sie sieht nicht aus wie ihre Nachbarn. Und als in ihrer Straße ein grausiger Fund gemacht wird, zeigen plötzlich alle Finger auf sie.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. They sneak into the bedroom closet of Eugene’s brother, as he recently acquired a valuable Michael Jordan rookie card. Despite this, in reality, Cindi has other plans, stating that since they have been together for two years, if she is not Eugene’s first then they have big problems.

They decide to go through with it at the after prom party that Tucker had invited them to. On the day of prom, Tucker tells Eugene that he has the limo booked, which when pulls up, has already picked up Tucker’s high school drop-out friend, Phil, who now goes by the MC name of Horsedick. After Tucker wakes Eugene with a baseball bat, he tells him that Cindi stuck around for a little while, but disappeared shortly thereafter because Eugene was „a vegetable. Tucker left Eugene to continue his recovery as Tucker went to work. He came back later to visit Eugene again with the newest edition of Playboy. While discussing where Cindi had vanished to, Tucker happened to stumble across a centerfold in his new issue of none other than Cindi.

Later that night, Tucker broke into the hospital while Eugene was asleep, stating they had to leave on their trip now, as opposed to 3 days later, as Tucker had an incident involving Candace and accidentally forgetting she has seizures caused by strobe lights as a side effect of her epilepsy. Once in Chicago, they meet up with their old friend MPEG, who has become a famous rapper over the four years. They all hop on board his party bus and begin to trek across the country towards the Playboy Mansion. After an argument between Horsedick and Eugene, Tucker and Eugene were both thrown out of the bus in the middle of nowhere, and left to walk the rest of the way. Just as it seemed all hope was lost, a car pulled up with two lesbian women.