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Jump to navigation Jump to search The Great Waltz is a 1972 American biographical musical film directed by Andrew L. 1,650,000 in North American rentals in 1973. After the elder Strauss, as well as the mistress, refuse the wife’s demand to change the baby’s name, Strauss’s wife retaliates by informing the elder Strauss that his son has embarked on a career as a violinist, in direct contradiction to the elder Strauss’s wishes, as such a merian Venedig PDF would consign his son to a life equivalent to a servant. With the initial help of his mother, and through his talent and cleverness, the younger Strauss is able to find a position in an orchestra.

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Das Wunder in der Lagune
Prächtige Paläste, die sich aus dem Wasser erheben, kleine Brücken, vor denen bunte Boote schaukeln, farbenfrohe Kunstwerke aus Murano-Glas, der lange Sandstrand des Lido, die Filmstars, die dort einmal im Jahr über die roten Teppiche laufen – kaum eine Stadt ruft so viele Bilder wach wie Venedig, diese über Jahrhunderte umkämpfte und heiß geliebte Perle Italiens. Zu jeder Jahreszeit hat sie einen ganz besonderen Reiz.
Themen in diesem Magazin:
++Cannaregio: Das älteste Viertel Venedigs sieht jung aus – dank der vielen Studenten, die dorthin ziehen
++Plätze: Die Highlights rund um Piazza San Marco, Campo San Polo und Campo Santa Margherita
++Kunst: Von Peggy Guggenheim bis zum Palazzo Grassi: die schönsten Sammlungen
++Karneval: Kostüme, Masken, rauschende Feste: Wo Sie das Spektakel am besten erleben
++Paläste: Für Besucher sind sie schöne Kulisse, für die Venezianer ein bedrohtes Zuhause

At his debut as a conductor, he is roundly booed by a hostile audience, led by friends of his father. He persists on stage, however, playing one of his one compositions on violin while leading the orchestra. His determination wins over the audience with great acclaim. Upon hearing the news of his son’s success, the elder Strauss listens in on one of his performances, and hearing his son’s words of tribute to him, he is moved to tears, and is won over to his son’s career and ambition. Shortly afterwards, the elder Strauss dies of scarlet fever, and the younger Strauss is given the position of leading his father’s orchestra. By the time he reaches age 37, Strauss has achieved enormous success, and along the way has had numerous frivolous affairs with women, all while remaining single, leading his friends and his mother to be concerned for his well-being.

At a subsequent dinner, at which he is invited to dine with Jetty and the baron. The two of them dance together to Strauss’s orchestra, and begin to fall in love. Strauss invites Jetty and the baron to a concert, at which Jetty is to sing. The baron, sensing Jetty’s interest in Strauss, attempts to scuttle the plans with a sudden business trip, but Jetty insists on delaying her own departure in order to fulfill her promise to sing. After the concert, Strauss expresses his feelings of love to Jetty, and invites to perform with him for the Emperor. Despite the warnings of the insistent Baron concerning her age, and Strauss’s reputation with women, Jetty leaves the heartbroken Baron and marries Strauss.