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Between his militant forays, he studied at the Goethe University Frankfurt and in 1922 obtained a doctorate in political science. Dirlewanger held various jobs, which included working at a bank max Hoelz PDF a knit-wear factory. He was also repeatedly convicted for illegal arms possession and embezzlement. Dirlewanger next went to Spain, where he enlisted in the Spanish Foreign Legion during the Spanish Civil War.

Författare: Peter Gierisch.
Deutschland in den 20er Jahren: Unruhe im ganzen Land, das Militär putscht (Kapp-Putsch), dagegen organisiert sich die Arbeiterschaft: Arbeiter- und Soldaten-Räte werden gebildet. In Falkenstein (Vogtland) führt Max Hoelz den bewaffneten Kampf gegen die Reichswehr an und betreibt die Politik der erpreßten Spenden. Er ist Mitglied der KPD, aber die KPD ist gegen DIREKTE AKTIONEN; sie sind dem ZK zu ‚bakunistisch, zu anarchistisch". Im vorliegenden Buch werden neben bisher unveröffentlichten Archiv-Materialien Erinnerungen von Zeitzeugen zugänglich gemacht.

At the beginning of World War II, Dirlewanger volunteered for the Waffen-SS and received the rank of Obersturmführer. In mid-1944, during the German rout from Belarus, Dirlewanger’s unit suffered heavy losses during fighting against Soviet regulars. It was then hastily rebuilt and reformed into a „storm brigade“ and used in the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising. Dirlewanger then led his men in joining the efforts to put down the Slovak National Uprising in October 1944, eventually being posted on front lines of Hungary and eastern Germany to fight against the advancing Red Army. In February 1945, the unit was expanded again and re-designated as an SS Grenadier division.

The exact cause of Dirlewanger’s death is unknown, which over time led to speculation. His death certificate issued by French authorities stated that Dirlewanger died on 7 June 1945 of natural causes. However, the certificate has been questioned, especially by German historians. The lack of corroborating evidence led to even more rumours after the war ended. Many sightings of Dirlewanger were made around the world over the years. The other, the Dirlewanger SS Brigade, was composed of German convicts on probation and led by Oskar Dirlwanger, an expert in exterination and a devotee of sadism and necrophilia. Bryan Mark Rigg, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military, page 334 „This unit was named after SS Oberfuhrer Oskar Dirlewanger, who was a sadist and a necrophiliac.