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Over the last few months, there has been much discussion online as well as at parties, galleries and conferences, about the meaning of the prefix meta- mariechen Danz PDF metamodernism. Now, of course, each and everyone is free to define, re-appropriate and use it in any one fashion.

Författare: Mariechen Danz.
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It indicates a dynamic or movement between as well as a movement beyond. Thus, although meta has come to be associated with a particular reflective stance, a repeated rumination about what we are doing, why we are doing it and how we are doing it, it once intimated the movement with and between what we are doing and what we might be doing and what we might have been doing. When we use the prefix meta- we do NOT refer to the former meaning. When we use the prefix meta- we refer to the latter intent.

It is influenced by estimations of the past, imbued by experiences of the present, yet also inspired by expectations of the future. It takes into account and affect the here, but also the there, and what might or might not happen elsewhere. Meta- does not refer to one particular system of thought or specific structure of feeling. It infers a plurality of them, and repositions itself with and between them. It is many, but also one. Image: Bas Jan Ader, In search of the miraculous.

I try to fathom what metamodernism can mean. What kind of bric we can use for building the next layer of culture. We cannot build on substance that has not dried out completely. And this last is the case. In my view the development of many things went so fast that most people lived too superficially and therefor are unstable.

Your definition of metamodernism captures the latest developments of postmodernism, with its complexity and vacillation, with its acknowledgement that longings and desires cannot be ever fulfilled, with its reluctance to take stands and its oscillation between possible options, with the hesitations between truths, and a fear of commitment. Your metamodernism provides an umbrella term for more recent developments in art that typify the postmodern consciousness. Isn’t this just another bric-a-brac, another layer in the postmodern multi-layered cake? Or maybe that should be Modernism’s multi-layered cake. Or maybe it should be going back and forth between both cakes, and getting to eat them too. Is this not just a powergrab? Metamodernism’ not an attempt to take ownership of everything with, essentially, nothing?