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Författare: Steven Uhly.
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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-23229183169. Along with individual fellowships, the MSCA help develop training networks, promote staff exchanges and fund mobility programmes with an international flavour. ITN – Innovative Training Networks drive scientific excellence and innovation. IF – Individual fellowships are a great option if you are an experienced researcher looking to give your career a boost by working abroad. RISE – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange funds exchanges of staff between academic, industrial and commercial organisations worldwide. A guide to applying for funding, framing proposals, getting jobs and managing projects under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. See which of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions on offer is most suited to you.

Legal documents, Policy documents, Reports, Publications, Guides, Fact sheets and more. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions support researchers at all stages of their careers, regardless of age and nationality. Researchers working across all disciplines are eligible for funding. The MSCA also support cooperation between industry and academia and innovative training to enhance employability and career development. You need to apply for funding through one of our open calls, see what calls are open now.

Consult our quick guides on how to Get started, Find a job, Apply for funding and Manage a project. Our list of researcher jobs are updated daily and come from across the EU and beyond. Winners of the 2018 MSCA Awards revealed! Getting robots to think and see like humans has been a daunting task for scientists and developers. Now, new technology is helping to achieve this with numerous applications for industry and services. My Marie Curie Actions Reintegration Grant covers my research costs and it allows me to develop personal projects while integrating in a research team already in place. I decided to apply for a Marie Curie fellowship because they are very prestigious and I knew they would give me the possibility to carry on my own research project independently.

The Marie Curie Actions Intra-European Fellowship gave me the opportunity to gain a truly interdisciplinary, pure research experience in theoretical nanoscience. I knew I would be guided into a successful career as independent investigator. My Marie Curie fellowship helped me acquire technical skills for my projects and obtain the required accreditation for professorship in France. It is a rewarding process which has strengthened my career with a strong international networking, exposure and skills development. I applied for a Marie Curie fellowship a few months after I defended my thesis. I was working on fundamental aspects of the physics of materials, investigating how materials break, from the atomic to the macroscopic scale. This study inspired me many ideas on how to design stronger materials.

New antenna technology will make mobile wireless communication better and faster, opening up more location-based applications. Advertising, emergency services and many more areas stand to benefit. During my Marie Curie grant, I learnt new techniques and methods, I got involved in interesting side projects establishing new collaborators, and importantly I increased my publication record. The huge prestige of Marie Curie Actions across Europe and excellent economic conditions motivated my application. German scientist, Michaela Schedel, believes that her findings could change our understanding of childhood asthma and lead to new treatments for the potentially fatal condition.

The Marie Curie Actions grant played a crucial part in achieving my long term goals of a career in academic public health and contribution to the growing field of chronic disease management. The Marie Curie fellowship helped me acquire a position of professional maturity in my research area. So I see it as a fundamental step in the progression of my academic career. The Marie Curie Actions fellowship does not only help me to define myself as a distinguished specialist, it will also enable me to establish my own research group in the near future and develop excellent cooperation with world leading research institutions.

The Marie Curie fellowship gave me a real chance to learn new scientific techniques, in my case, running fluid dynamic experiments. The benefits of the grant are simply that I am now working in a new country with new people and new challenges. Novel semiconductors have great potential to power sensors that will control both small and large motorised equipment. During my Marie Curie fellowship I learnt how new technologies can impact upon our everyday life through innovation, for example in the treatment and cure of cancer. The Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant represents a prestigious type of funding and it undoubtedly helped in further supporting the evolution of my career from post-doctoral scientist to independent principal investigator and research team leader. The prestigious Marie Curie grant allows me to learn new techniques and will add valuable publications to my CV. I am confident that my improved professional profile will open new opportunities in the competitive scientific job market.