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Distance of highlighted hike below: 8. Mount Redington is a 4,010 foot mountain in the High Peaks in Franklin County, Maine. The Appalachian Trail, which spans from Georgia maine’s Waterfalls PDF Maine, is routed around Redington to go over Sugarloaf Mountain. Mount Redington and Owl’s Head in New Hampshire are the only 2 New England 4,000 Footers without maintained trails to the summits.

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But in reality, the trail to Owl’s Head summit is so heavily hiked that the trail is obvious the entire way, while the trail to the summit of Mt. NOTE THIS IS A BUSHWHACK HIKE. OR KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. There is a white canister on the summit strapped onto a tree that can be very hard to find. But if you find it, usually there is a notebook with little notes and names of the people who have summited it.

Canister on the summit of Redington on June 15, 2014. The map below shows how to get to the summit of Mount Redington as well as Crocker Mountain, and South Crocker Mountain. It can be hard to miss, but we built a cairn in June 2014 at the start of the trail to make it more visible from the road. 0 miles until you reach the turn for the Crocker Cirque Tentsite, which goes right. Flat and very little incline in some areas. From the tentsite junction, stay straight on the Appalachian Trail for another 1.

Crocker, turn right to stay on the Appalachian Trail to head over to North Crocker Mountain. To add Mount Redington onto this hike, head back over to South Crocker Mountain. Near the summit of South Crocker Mountain, there is a viewpoint off to the left. If you are looking at the path to head up to the viewpoint, there is also a worn down path on your right. That is the path you will take to head over to Redington. While this hike is the only Maine 4,000 footer with no trail to the summit, so many people have already hiked it, that their foot prints have worn in a herd path.

To get back to the road, hike back over to South Crocker Mountain, then down the Appalachian Trail for 2. Click to download PDF Trail Map of Mount Redington. Photo of the viewpoint off South Crocker Mountain on the left, and the bushwhack herd path to Redington on the right on June 15, 2014. This part of the herd path is tight and narrow, but quite obvious on June 15, 2014. This is the open summit area of Mount Redington on June 15, 2014. To get to the trail head, take Route 27 northwest from the entrance to Sugarloaf ski area. This road was not signed in June 2014.

The trail for this hike is 4. There is a small clearing for parking just before this. Need a car spot or taxi? There is a local small business called All Points Transportation run by a man named Greg in the Carrabassett Valley area who can help! If you need a car spot to a trailhead or for any other reason, give him a call to see if he is available. Distance of highlighted hike below: 6.

Saddleback Mountain is a 4,120 foot mountain in the High Peaks in Rangeley, Maine in Franklin County. The mountain is the 8th highest peak in Maine and one of the fourteen peaks with a topographic prominence greater than 2,000 feet. The mountain is also known for its ski resort: Saddleback Maine Ski Resort, which is on the north side of the mountain. The mountain rock is primarily granodiorite, which is similar to granite, but contains more plagioclase feldspar than orthoclase feldspar and formed more than 400 million years ago. The Appalachian Trail, which spans from Georgia to Maine, runs along the ridge of Saddleback crossing over the summit. This is a great mountain to hike along with Saddleback the Horn, being only 1.