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Established in 1975 by Emilio Estefan Jr. Miami Latin Let the Trumpet Sound PDF before becoming the Miami Sound Machine in 1977. The band had a number of albums and a string of hit singles until 1989. The band’s 1985 album Primitive Love credited the band whereas their follow-up album Let It Loose in 1987 placed Gloria Estefan at the forefront.

Författare: Jeremiah Clarke.

The Miami Sound Machine continues to perform with Estefan on all her tours and live performances, and has appeared on many of Estefan’s recordings. Estefan, who had formed the band the Miami Latin Boys earlier that year, learned about Gloria through a mutual acquaintance. Gloria, who was attending the University of Miami at the time, only agreed to perform during the weekends so that her studies would not be interrupted. Beginning in 1977, Miami Sound Machine began recording and releasing various albums and 45s on the Audiofon Records label in Miami, Florida. Renacer was released with two different covers. The group had several more releases on the Audiofon label, the RCA Victor label, and subsequently Miami Sound Machine’s own label Miami Sound Machine Records.

In 1978, Gloria married Emilio Estefan, Jr. By the end of 1979, the band was signed to Discos CBS International. Miami Sound Machine then released several albums, 45s, and twelve-inch singles beginning with the 1980 self-titled Miami Sound Machine. During the 1980s, with the popularity of Miami-based films and television series such as Scarface, Invasion USA, and Miami Vice, the city was gaining a reputation as an exciting and notorious destination. In 1980, Miami Sound Machine added a more complete horn section primarily consisting of trumpeters Fernando Garcia and Victor „Papito“ Lopez and trombonist Louis Perez. The permanent addition of a full horn section added a new dimension and would become a future Miami Sound Machine musical trademark.