Lassalle PDF

Ces trois livrets sont mis gratuitement à disposition au format électronique. De 1992 à 1996, Patrick Giani a canalisé les messages d’un Etre de Lumière: Lassalle PDF. Ce livret, dont les textes parlent directement à l’âme, s’adresse à tous ceux qui travaillent à un monde meilleur. De „Va calmement au milieu du bruit et de la hâte“ à “ Tu seras un homme mon fils“, les plus belles Paroles des sages de l’humanité.

Författare: Hermann Oncken.

Der Historiker Hermann Oncken stellt im vorliegenden Band eine ausführliche Biographie Ferdinand Lassallles, Wortführer der frühen deutschen Arbeiterbewegung und Gründervater der deutschen Sozialdemokratie, zusammen.Unveränderter Nachdruck der dritten Auflage aus dem Jahr 1920.

Ferdinand Johann Gottlieb Lassal was a Prussian-German jurist, philosopher, socialist, and political activist. Ferdinand’s father, Heyman Lassal, was a Jewish silk merchant and intended his son for a business career, sending him to the commercial school at Leipzig. Lassalle passed his university examinations with distinction in 1845 and thereafter traveled to Paris to write a book on Heraclitus. Back in Berlin to work on his book, Lassalle met Countess Sophie von Hatzfeldt. The Countess was a woman in her early 40s, who had been separated from her husband of many years, and who had an ongoing dispute with him regarding the disposition of the couple’s property.

Lassalle volunteered himself to the countess’s cause, and the offer was readily accepted. An eight-year legal battle followed, in which Lassalle defended Countess von Hatzfeldt’s interests in 36 different courtrooms. Ultimately, a settlement was made in her favor, thus bringing the countess a substantial fortune. Lassalle was a committed socialist from an early age. Though Lassalle was acquitted of this serious charge, he was kept in prison until he could be tried on a lesser charge of inciting resistance against public officials. He was convicted of this lesser charge, and the 23-year-old served a sentence of six months in prison. During this period, Lassalle was not politically active, although he remained interested in labor affairs.