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Saarbrücken, the capital of the German state of Saarland. Thanks to bilingual German and French staff, the University has an international profile, which has been underlined by its proclamation as „European University“ in 1950 and by establishment of Europa-Institut as its „crown and symbol“ in 1951. Nine academics have been honored with the highest German research prize, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, while working at Just’s Botanischer Jahresbericht PDF University.

Författare: Johann Leopold Just.

Saarland University, the first to be established after World War II, was founded in November 1948 with the support of the French Government and under the auspices of the University of Nancy. At the time the Saarland found itself in the special situation of being partly autonomous and linked to France by economic and monetary union. With its combination of the German and French educational traditions and the dual languages of instruction, the university had a European perspective right from the start. The first president of the independent university in 1948 was Jean Barriol.

In the same year the university introduced the first courses in law, philosophy and languages. In the 1950s Saarland University joined the Association of West-German Universities and accepted a new, more centralized organizational structure. The Europa-Institut is established as a European politics and law think tank. In 1990 the faculty of technology is established. The university steadily gains leading research status in information technology. The university is headed by a board, which includes a president and five vice presidents, responsible for planning and strategy, research and technology transfer, education, and administration and finance, respectively.