History and Historical Problems PDF

This is a simplified diagram history and Historical Problems PDF unix history. There are numerous derivative systems not listed in this chart, maybe 10 times more!

Författare: Ernest Scott.

In the recent past, many electronic companies had their own unix releases. Adobe Reader has some problems reading the large plotter version of the Unix History chart, but happily you can use another PDF viewer for this task. Note 1 : an arrow indicates an inheritance like a compatibility, it is not only a matter of source code. Note 2 : this diagram shows complete systems and kernels like Mach, Linux, the Hurd This is because sometimes kernel versions are more appropriate to see the evolution of the system.

Note 3 : I have now a page where I explain how I build this chart. If you have put this diagram on the wall of your office and have taken a photo of it, please send me a copy and I’ll put it on this page. You can also find here some unix people. You may be wondering „Why does Steve Jobs appear in this unix history? Simply because he has made the best unix computer ever : a NeXTcube powered with the NeXTSTEP operating system. And now : Mac OS X. Here is now some unixes that are not in my chart.