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Patton’god Machine PDF claim to fame, however, was from his various appearances on the network’s talent search game show, The Gong Show. In addition to his stage duties, Patton was one of several amateur performers who would warm up and entertain the audience during commercial breaks.

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Patton performed on the NBC edition of The Gong Show until its cancellation in 1978 and on the weekly syndicated series until its cancellation in 1980. Patton appeared in The Gong Show Movie, which was released in 1980. He had some dialogue in the film. Patton worked as a stagehand on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and appeared on screen in at least two episodes. Once on June 20, 1984, as part of Johnny’s soap opera parody, in which Johnny refers to him as „Buford Styversen, Sludge Falls‘ only blues singer“, and once on March 12, 1986, in which he played a general.

Patton appeared on the November 3, 1993 episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien doing his trademark shuffle during an interview with Barris. Patton had a cameo as himself in the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which was based on Barris‘ autobiography. Patton lost both legs due to complications from diabetes in 2001. He wore prostheses and walked with a cane.

Patton died in Pasadena, California on March 9, 2015, from complications from diabetes. Gene Patton Dead: ‚Gong Show‘ Dancing Machine Was 82″. This biographical article related to television in the United States is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Jump to navigation Jump to search The God Helmet is an experimental apparatus originally called the Koren helmet after its inventor Stanley Koren. Persinger reports that many subjects have reported „mystical experiences and altered states“ while wearing the God Helmet. The foundations of his theory have been criticised in the scientific press.

The God Helmet was not specifically designed to elicit visions of God, but to test several of Persinger’s hypotheses about brain function. The second experimental hypothesis was that when communication between the left and right senses of self is disturbed, as they report it is while wearing the God Helmet, the usually-subordinate ’self‘ in the right hemisphere intrudes into the awareness of the left-hemispheric dominant self, causing what Persinger refers to as „interhemispheric intrusions“. The third hypothesis was that „visitor experiences“ could be explained by such „interhemispheric intrusions“ caused by a disruption in „vectorial hemisphericity“. Persinger uses a modified snowmobile helmet that incorporates solenoids placed over the temporal lobes.

The sessions are conducted with the subject seated in an acoustic chamber. The acoustic chamber is also a Faraday cage, shielding out all EMF emissions and radiation except the Earth’s magnetic field. There have also been reports in which the participant has experienced what they perceive as God. The scientist and science writer Richard Dawkins, appearing in the BBC science documentary series Horizon, did not have a ’sensed presence‘ experience, but instead felt at times ’slightly dizzy‘, ‚quite strange‘ and had sensations in his limbs and changes in his breathing. I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be a placebo effect.

One question: Did the red bulb on the wall grow larger or smaller? There was a red bulb on the wall? Many other questions suggest that there were other experiences I should have had, but to be honest, I didn’t. The theoretical basis for the God helmet, especially the connection between temporal lobe function and mystic experiences, has also been questioned. Only one group unconnected to Persinger’s lab has so far succeeded in replicating the effects of one of Persinger’s early studies. Other groups have subsequently found that individual differences such as strong belief in the paranormal and magical ideation predict some alterations in consciousness and reported „exceptional experiences“ when Persinger et al’s experimental set-up and procedure are reproduced, but with a sham „God helmet“ that is completely inert or a helmet that is turned off.

Persinger and colleagues also developed a device nicknamed „The Octopus“ which uses solenoids around the whole brain, in a circle just above subject’s ears. Commercial versions of the God helmet, Octopus and associated devices are sold by Persinger’s research associate Todd Murphy, and he reports that his devices are able to modulate emotional states in addition to enhancing meditation and generating altered states. One published attempt to test Persinger’s theories regarding the psychological effects of environmental magnetic fields, used whole-body exposure to magnetic fields and ultrasound in freely-moving participants to create a „haunted room“ within which it was hoped subjects would sense a „presence“. Science Channel clip of God Helmet“. Archived from the original on 2010-12-29.

God helmet are far too weak to penetrate the cranium and influence neurons within. The Electromagnetic Induction of Mystical and Altered States Within the Laboratory“. Electrical brainstorms busted as source of ghosts“. Sensed presence and mystical experiences are predicted by suggestibility, not by the application of transcranial weak complex magnetic fields“.