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Polish chemist, politician, and President of Poland from 1926 to gabriel Narutowicz PDF. He was the longest serving President in Poland’s history.

Författare: Marek Andrzejewski.
Gabriel Narutowicz: vom Wasserbauer und ETH-Professor zum ersten polnischen Staatspräsidenten 1922.
Eine Biographie

Ignacy Mościcki was born on 1 December 1867 in Mierzanowo, a small village near Ciechanów, Congress Poland. On graduating, he returned to Warsaw, but was threatened by the Tsarist secret police with life imprisonment in Siberia and was forced to emigrate in 1892 to London. As president, Mościcki was subservient to Piłsudski, never openly showing dissent from any aspect of the Marshal’s leadership. With a view to eliminating Sławek from the game, Mościcki concluded a power-sharing agreement with Rydz-Śmigły, which saw Sławek marginalized as a serious political player by the end of the year. As a result of this agreement, Rydz-Śmigły would become the de facto leader of Poland until the outbreak of the war, while Mościcki remained influential by continuing in office as president.

Mościcki was the leading moderate figure in the regime, which was referred to as the „colonels‘ government“ due to the major presence of military officers in the Polish government. Mościcki opposed many of the nationalist excesses of the more right-wing Rydz-Śmigły, but their pact remained more or less intact. Mościcki remained president until September 1939, when he was interned in Romania and was forced by France to resign his office. In December 1939 Mościcki was released and allowed to move to Switzerland, where he remained through World War II. He died at his home near Geneva on 2 October 1946.