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This article felix Hausdorff – Gesammelte Werke Band 6 PDF additional citations for verification. Life became difficult for Hausdorff and his family after Kristallnacht in 1938.

Författare: Felix Hausdorff.

The next year he initiated efforts to emigrate to the United States, but was unable to make arrangements to receive a research fellowship. 1870 with his young family to Leipzig and worked over time at various companies, including a linen-and cotton goods factory. He was an educated man and had become a Morenu at the age of 14. Johanna, came from the Jewish Tietz family.

From another branch of this family came Hermann Tietz, founder of the first department store, and later co-owner of the department store chain called „Hermann Tietz“. During the period of Nazi dictatorship the name was „Aryanised“ to Hertie. From 1878 to 1887 Felix Hausdorff attended the Nicolai School in Leipzig, a facility that had a reputation as a hotbed of humanistic education. He was an excellent student, class leader for many years and often recited self-written Latin or German poems at school celebrations. The choice of subject was not easy for Hausdorff. His versatile musical talent was so great that only the insistence of his father made him give up his plan to study music and become a composer.

The decision was made to study the sciences in high school. Bruns was professor of astronomy and director of the observatory at the University of Leipzig. Under him, Hausdorff graduated in 1891 with a work on the theory of astronomical refraction of light in the atmosphere. With his habilitation, Hausdorff became a lecturer at the University of Leipzig and began an extensive teaching in a variety of mathematical areas. In addition to teaching and research in mathematics, he went with his literary and philosophical inclinations.

Hausdorff married Charlotte Goldschmidt in 1899, daughter of Jewish doctor Siegismund Goldschmidt. Her stepmother was the famous suffragist and preschool teacher Henriette Goldschmidt. National Socialism and enjoyed a long life, dying in Bonn in 1991. In December 1901 Hausdorff was appointed as adjunct associate professor at the University of Leipzig. The often repeated assertion that Hausdorff got a call from Göttingen and rejected it cannot be verified and is probably wrong. The faculty, however, considers itself obliged to report to the Royal Ministry, that the above application in the second November of this year faculty meeting had taken place was not accepted by all, but with 22 votes to 7. The minority was opposed, because Dr.