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Some character has a total of three lives, indicated as light-blue orbs. The character has currently lost 3. In video gaming, a life is a play-turn that a player-character has, defined as extraleben PDF period between start and end of play.

Författare: Constantin Gillies.
Eigentlich wollen Nick und Kee nur ihren Commodore 64 abstauben. Noch einmal in die Welt von Space Invaders, Pac-Man und Donkey Kong zurückreisen. Doch der Nostalgietrip endet mit einer Überraschung: In einem Spiel aus den Achtzigern entdecken die alternden Joystickhelden eine geheime Botschaft.
Plötzlich erwacht der alte Hackerinstinkt wieder. Die Freunde gehen im Dschungel der Bytes auf die Jagd – und entdecken eine weitere Spur: Sie führt nach Iowa, mitten in die amerikanische Provinz. Jetzt gibt es kein Zurück mehr. Von der digitalen Schnitzeljagd magisch angezogen, tritt das Duo die Reise in die USA an.
Für die Hobby-Computerarchäologen beginnt eine Odyssee um die halbe Welt – und durch die Geschichte der Games.
Doch am Ende geht es in dem Spiel um viel mehr als nur den nächsten Highscore.

It is sometimes called a chance or a try, particularly in all-ages games, to avoid the morbid insinuation of losing „lives“. The number of lives a player is granted varies per game type. A finite number of lives became a common feature in arcade games during the 1980s and mechanics such as checkpoints and power-ups made the managing of lives a more strategic experience for players over time. Lives may have originated from the pinball mechanic of having a limited number of balls. Much like in pinball games, the player’s goal was usually to score as many points as possible with their limited number of lives.

Later, checkpoints and saving allowed players that lost a life to continue the game at a specific point, rather than to start over. It is common in action games for the player to have multiple lives and chances to earn more in-game. This way, a player can recover from making a disastrous mistake. Lives set up the situation where dying is not necessarily the end of the game, allowing the player to take risks they might not take otherwise, or experiment with different strategies to find one that works. Multiple lives also allow novice players a chance to learn a game’s mechanics before the game is over. The problem that may arise when a player loses their lives frequently is that it discourages the player from continuing the game fairly. If losing a life causes a loss of equipment, skills or points, a player may feel inclined to reset a game to its previous save point whenever they are losing a life.