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This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards. The discussion page may contain suggestions. American multimedia entertainment studio that served as the largest American and British anime distributor in the elfen Lied 06 PDF 20th to early 21st centuries. Vision building at the Plaza Southwest complex in Greater Sharpstown, Houston, Texas, seen in a 2009 photograph.

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Die Diclonius Barbara hat ihren Schöpfer ermordet und trifft nun in einem brutalen Kampf auf Nana. Wird Nana sich und ihren "Vater" vor einem grausamen Tod bewahren können? Unterdessen kommt es im Hochsicherheitslabor von Kakuzawa zu einem gefährlichen Zwischenfall. Wird es Lucy gelingen, sich aus den Klauen des wahnsinnigen Institutsleiters zu befreien?

John Ledford, a native of Houston, Texas, started a Japanese video game and video console import business in 1990. He was introduced to anime when he watched My Neighbor Totoro at his friend’s suggestion. Vision, in return for equity in the company. Ledford was to remain the majority shareholder and CEO. In August 2007, a notice was sent to retailers stating that ADV Films would be taking over the distribution, marketing, and sales of Geneon properties in the US as of October 1.

In June 2006, ADV Films entered into a partnership with the Japanese Sojitz Corporation. This was done as a means of acquiring more titles in the Japanese market. From this point on, virtually all titles that ADV acquired were with Sojitz’s help. The titles removed from ADV’s website are as follows: 009-1, 5 Centimeters per Second, Ah! On October 20, 2008, it was announced that ADV had entered into a licensing arrangement with new licensor Sentai Filmworks. Following the May 2009 bankruptcy and liquidation of Central Park Media, ADV Films acquired the North American rights of Grave of the Fireflies and re-released it on DVD on July 7, 2009. The following companies all acquired assets from A.

Sentai Filmworks is the licensor company for acquiring Japanese anime into the North American market. Seraphim Studios acquired Amusement Park Media, ADV’s production studio, and it was renamed Seraphim Digital Studios. Valkyrie Media Partners acquired the Anime Network. The network continues to operate as before the sale.

Section23 Films is a distributor and marketing company of Switchblade Pictures, Sentai Filmworks, Maiden Japan, and AEsir Holdings. That day, major retail website Robert’s Corner Anime Blog contacted Mike Bailiff, formerly of ADV Films and now heading up Sales and Marketing at Section 23 Films. Bailiff revealed that „Section 23 has acquired all of ADV’s former licenses and most of the staff“ including „everyone at ADV that mattered. In addition to the new companies that were created from the remains of ADV, Section 23 also took over distribution of Switchblade Pictures. The company focuses on low-budget J-horror and pink cinema titles and its DVDs had also previously been distributed by ADV. No one is quite certain as to the exact relationship of Switchblade and Section 23. ADV, analyzing that ADV hadn’t really shut down and the new companies such as Section 23 were basically ADV selling itself to itself: that it was not a shutdown but a drastic rebranding and restructuring.

A video panel hosted by events manager Adam Sheehan. October 29, 2009, Anime News Network podcast: in it he said that his company also contracts with Section 23, but that he also collectively refers to the allied companies that ADV split into as Neo-ADV. Another new company associated with Sentai Filmworks is „Maiden Japan“. While Sentai Filmworks is responsible for licensing new titles, both Section 23 and Maiden Japan serve as distributors for it. Since ADV’s fire sale, Ledford, Greenfield and Williams moved on to work for new projects at Section 23 and Maiden Japan, respectively.

Technically, Maiden Japan is „associated“ with Switchblade Pictures. ADV Films was the home video publication arm of A. Vision based in Houston, Texas, specializing in publishing anime and tokusatsu videos, as well as other live-action material. The first title to be licensed and released to video was Devil Hunter Yohko. ADV Films offered a program called Anime ADVocates, which provided free screening material and other promotional content to nearly 3,000 anime clubs in North America. To qualify for the program, the club had to be sponsored by a local high school, college, university, or public library and have at least 10 members. As of July 2008, ADV Films and ARM Corporation transferred the licenses to over 30 different shows into the hands of fellow anime distributor Funimation.