Elementary Level / The Escape and Other Stories PDF

The Phoenix Curriculum includes elements specifically designed for elementary school, middle school, high school, and alternative school students. It inoculates elementary Level / The Escape and Other Stories PDF against the highest risk factors for gang involvement.

Författare: William Somerset Maugham.
Im Mittelpunkt der Titelgeschichte ‚The Escape‘ steht Roger Charing, der einem Freund von seiner geplanten Hochzeit erzählt, nachdem er sich jahrelang gegen das Heiraten gewehrt hat. Vier überraschende und unterhaltsame Kurzgeschichten des meisterhaften Erzählers.

It also links students to the most available protective factors and assets. 100 different resources, designed for intervention with higher risk students in middle schools, high schools, and alternative schools. For more information about The Phoenix Curriculum core program, we offer a detailed introduction. Prices are available in our catalog.

Please contact us for specific quotes or proposals. Detention — a wide range of short-stay and extended treatment detention center program packages. More than 200 activities address issues for males and females of all ages. Materials are also available in Spanish and for adult programs.

Spanish Language Resources — we offer many programs for Spanish speaking gang members, as well as counselors working in gang intervention and gang prevention programs. Violence Prevention — evidence-based anger management and violence prevention, addressing both risk and protective factors. Peer Pressure — resources target the highest areas of vulnerability and provide practice in identifying, resisting, and coping with peer pressure. Truancy — a variety of tools and guidance designed for one-on-one interactions at home, in school, or at a police station or other community settings. Life Skills — job skills, communications skills, and making the best use of free time. Links to state Core Curriculum Competency Standards — These gang prevention and intervention resources are linked to state standards.

For illustration, see the New Jersey state standards addressed by these resources. Critical Program Objectives The Phoenix Curriculum guides the students to develop self-efficacy in identifying and addressing the highest risk factors for substance abuse, violence, bullying, gang involvement, and other crime. Self-efficacy is the key to successful gang intervention and gang prevention. The success of a school’s antigang strategies for gang intervention or gang prevention program also depend on the development of a firm safety net. Students are encouraged to identify and enhance critical protective factors or assets which can help them achieve happy and productive lives. The Phoenix Curriculum is based on the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission’s experience with the Phoenix Gang Intervention and New Freedom programs. Materials The Phoenix Curriculum 50-hour school-based gang prevention program is a standardized curriculum consisting of nearly four hundred pages of antigang strategies targeted at different age groups.