Dungeon of Seven Dooms PDF

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Författare: Michael Dahl.

Young Prince Arel has been imprisoned by his evil brother, Prince Kalban, who seeks to steal the throne. Arel must use his wits and his sword arm to battle through the monstrous traps of the Dungeon of the Seven Dooms in order to rescue his father and save the kingdom.

Commissar Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM! Sandy Mitchell, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In short, he’s the type of person guys in his profession are supposed to shoot. That is, if you believe him. Ten novels and nine short stories have so far been published. Many of the stories have been recompiled in omnibus editions. Caves of Ice concerns the 597th’s deployment to an iceworld under siege by Orks and populated curiously by desert creatures.

The Traitor’s Hand takes place some years later, with the 597th deployed against a series of Chaos cults. Death Or Glory is essentially a prequel, detailing Cain’s first rise to prominence during the Ork invasion of Perlia. Shot down behind enemy lines, he begins gathering up survivors into a makeshift convoy and traveling towards safety. Called to handle a genestealer infestation and associated Tyranid hive fleet, Cain finds himself press-ganged by Amberley into helping her search for the people who ran that clandestine research lab. Cain’s Last Stand takes place in the „present day“ of Warhammer 40K, after Cain has already retired to Perlia and is teaching at a military academy. Of course, one of the events of WH40K’s present day was the 13th Black Crusade, which catches the tiny planet up in its grasp. It picks up immediately following the events of „Echoes of the Tomb“, below.

The Greater Good has Cain travel to the world of Quadravidia to stop a Tau invasion. Choose Your Enemies: Cain and the 597th are defending a mining world when they learn of a greater threat to the nearby forge world Ironfound. Fight or Flight“ was the original story starring Cain, from which all other works sprouted. In it, Cain first joins the Valhallan 12th Field Artillery, a nice, safe assignment where he can hide away from anything more offensive than Jurgen’s psoriasis. Echoes of the Tomb“ concerns an event Cain alludes to often: his first experience in a Necron tomb. He’s a field adjutant helping agents of the Mechanicus investigate ancient ruins.

The Beguiling“ takes place on the planet of Slawkenberg, where Cain runs into a priestess in service of the god Slaanesh. This priestess, Emeli, almost succeeds in seducing him, but Jurgen is able to intercede, and the story ends with the two of them fleeing and calling an artillery strike on their location. Sector Thirteen“ involves Cain investigating a brothel where several of his men got into trouble. What he discovers is that it’s actually the center of a genestealer infestation.