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Blueprints are very important for obtaining the most powerful and useful weapons of the game. Blueprints can be found in many different places while playing through a mission. You can’t use your Heart to reveal their locations, so they can sometimes be hard dishonored PDF spot them on the map.

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However, they will appear blue once you have them within view. Blueprints give you access to upgrades for your weapons, which open up new fuctionalities and effects in combat and stealth. If you find yourself having trouble with some sections of the game, searching for Blueprints for new upgrades might give you the extra edge needed to continue forward. There are no Blueprints in the first mission of the game.

There are two blueprints in this mission. After setting foot in the docks of Karnaca, head up the path and look up on the right for open windows on the second floor of a building opposite a gutted whale. There’s an unlocked safe in the corner office of this room that contains a blueprint on Dispersed Incendiary Release – as well as a Blood Amber Whale Statue. Note: If you miss this blueprint, it will reappear in mission 3. There is a blueprint on a desk for Fire Hardening Treatment inside the Overseer building, up towards the top floors inside the Vice-Overseer’s office. There are two Blueprints in this mission, and one potential respawn.

Far Reach from the entrance hallway. Search for a document with a safe combination on the right side. Use that combination on a nearby safe to claim the Combat Sleep Dart Formula. The Mercury Vapor Distillation Blueprint can be found within Hamilton’s quarters at the very top of the stairwell. You can see it once you enter the room. If you didn’t find this blueprint in mission 2, you can find it next to Dr. There are four Blueprints in this mission, and one potential respawn.

The Pyro-Sonic Casing is located in the ticket booth at the carriage station. You can get the key to the station from the black market to find the blueprint. You can find Alloy Polarization in the Upper Aventa District on the third floor of a guard building. It is located in a locked room to the left of the top part of the stairs. Slug Splintering Wedges is found in Jindosh’s labratory on a desk near a painting.

The Conductive Filaments Blueprint can be found in an office on a desk near the Assessment Chamber in a room that can be swapped with the Waiting Room with two civilans. Go to the bottom floor near the Assessment Chamber and you will see it near some writings on the desk. If you don’t see the room, pull the lever to swap rooms. If you didn’t find this Blueprint in mission 3, you can find it in the first part of the mission, behind the station. There are three Blueprints in this mission, and two potential respawns.

In a building close to the Royal Conservatory – on the far right where Shopkeeper’s associate’s last known position is. The Reverberation Tubing blueprint can be found on the third floor in a desk. The Triggered Housing Blueprint is on the first floor of the Conservatory. It is located to the right of the main hall of the conservatory, inside a workshop room with a mini Wall of Light. Completing the side mission given by the black market shop keeper will give you a blueprint for a reward.

To do this, find the associate’s house near the Conservatory, track him to the basement of the Conservatory, and steal the prototype in the security office on the second floor of the Main Hall. If you didn’t find this blueprint in mission 3, you can find it in Breanna Ashworth’s office. The Blueprint will be right on the desk as soon as you enter. If you didn’t find this blueprint in mission 3, you can find it next to the Audiograph in the basement.

Spiked Grenade Housing is located in Crone’s Hand Pub, on the second floor in a sleeping area – look inside a metal chest. The Secondary Coiling Blueprint is in the basement of Crone’s Hand Pub where an Overseer is being tortured. You can find a path to see it from ahead by slipping into an alcove near Paolo and the music players. If you didn’t find this Blueprint in mission 4, you can find it towards the beginning of the mission. Go into the left building near the Wall of Light and climb to the roof.