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The couple earned their livelihood through several enterprises, including a steam mill, a pilgrim hostel, and trading in imported European merchandise. From mid-1861 until early 1862, Ustinov stayed in the Metzlers‘ hostel, eventually becoming a financial partner in their enterprises. Once his lung disease was completely cured, he returned to Ustinovka, but left the Metzlers a considerable sum of money to enable them to establish a missionary school and an infirmary in Jaffa. In May 1862, the Metzlers opened a new infirmary and informed the head of the St. Chrischona Pilgrim missionaries in Riehen, near Basel.

The missionaries were very pleased about this progress and sent two deaconesses from the Riehen deaconesses‘ mother house to serve at the infirmary. In 1865 and 1866, Metzler broke Ottoman law by giving asylum to a runaway slave woman. Adams withheld the colonists‘ money that they had given to him as a common fund before they had left America, so Metzler bought the land of five colonists, providing them with funds for their return to Maine. In early 1869, Ustinov asked the Metzlers to join him in Ustinovka, hoping to draw on their management expertise. Metzler then sold much of his real estate on 5 March 1869 to the Templers, a religious group seeking a new home in the Holy Land. The Templers also continued to run the infirmary according to the charitable principles of the Metzlers and Ustinov.

Ustinov decided in 1875 to convert to Lutheran Protestantism. He had been baptised as a Russian Orthodox, and being a Russian aristocrat, his conversion would mean losing his estates and status, as all the tsar’s Orthodox subjects were forbidden to convert. Ustinov sold his estates to another aristocrat in 1876, before his conversion became known. Ustinov married German Marie Metzler in Korntal, Württemberg, on 4 October 1876. They lived in Württemberg for two years before returning to Jaffa, where they bought a mansion in the Colony of the Templers.