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Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a timeline of the pro-Greece 1974 Cypriot coup d’état and the responding Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Rauf Denktaş, the Turkish Cypriot leader, tells his Bayrak radio audience that „Our duty in this situation, which we believe is a matter between Greek Cypriots, is to protect our international security, to take defensive measures and not to interfere in any way in inter-Greek Cypriot events“. Whilst addressing the UN Security Council, Archbishop Makarios III accuses Greece of having invaded Cyprus: „The coup of the Greek junta is cyprus PDF invasion, and from its consequences the whole people of Cyprus suffers, both Greeks and Turks. After lack of international support against the Greek-led coup d’état and the Greek-installed puppet president Nikos Sampson, Turkey invades the island of Cyprus.

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Greek Cypriot forces launch an organised counter-attack against the Turkish beachhead at Kyrenia, supported by T-34 tanks, but this ultimately fails to dislodge the Turkish landing force. Four Greek-Cypriot T-34 tanks and two armoured vehicles are destroyed by Turkish infantry and air attacks. The Cypriot National Guard, supported by all available T-34 tanks, as well as Greek ELDYK forces, launch a massive attack against the Turkish Cypriot enclave at Kioneli, attempting to prevent Turkish forces from forming a bridgehead to Nicosia. This attack fails and two Greek-Cypriot T-34 tanks are destroyed. At around 10:00, 450 EOKA-B fighters of the 203rd reserve infantry battalion attacked the Turkish Cypriot enclave at Limassol, where approximately 1,000 lightly armed inhabitants were situated. Simultaneously, 100 EOKA-B fighters engaged the Turkish Cypriot enclave of Avdimou, west of Limassol, rounding up Turkish Cypriots as POWs to be taken to the main stadium at Limassol.

Cypriot National Guard commando and infantry forces launch a coordinated attack against the Turkish enclave of Agyrta-Nicosia, encircling the northern flanks in an effort to isolate it. Turkish parachutists are dropped in and around the enclave in order to reinforce it, leading to heavy infantry losses at Mia Milia, where they are accidentally dropped on Greek Cypriot defensive lines. At around 22:00, the Turkish Cypriot militia in Paphos issued a general surrender. At the same time, Turkish Cypriot militia and civilians in Famagusta took cover behind the walls of the old city and prepared for a siege. The United Nations Security Council passes Resolution 353, demanding immediate withdrawal of „foreign military personnel present otherwise than under the authority of international agreements“ and urges negotiations between Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom to take place. The Turkish destroyer D-354 Kocatepe is subjected to friendly fire from Turkish warplanes and sunk after being mistaken for a Greek ship.