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Thank you for your interest in Bucharest Artists in Residence. Please read the information provided on this page carefully. Contemporary Romania seems to be defined by a prolonged and seemingly permanent state of anxious and irrational constanze Ruhm PDF between Nicolae Ceausescu’s oppressive socialist regime and an imported, aggressive market Capitalism, which often appears to lack any moral guidelines or defined rules. Romania’s social, demographic, and economic divisions would place the country in between second and third world countries: large gaps between a relatively small, but financially powerful ruling class and the common citizen, huge differences in living standards between industry and commerce orientated cities and the rural, agriculture based countryside, as well as deeply rooted corruption and a lack of a practicable direct democracy, are only a few examples to name.

Författare: Konstanze Ruhm.

RE: Rehearsals (No such Thing as Repetition)
Dieser Katalog erscheint anlässlich der ersten Retrospektive der Künstlerin und Filmemacherin Constanze Ruhm. Gezeigt wird der von 2001 bis 2014 entstandene Werkkomplex X CHARACTERS, der in ein gemeinsam mit der österreichisch-iranischen Architektin Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi entwickeltes Raumkonzept integriert ist. Bestehend aus Filmen, filmischen Installationen, fotografischen Serien und webbasierten Projekten, beschäftigt sich X CHARACTERS mit einer Reihe weiblicher Figuren der Kinomoderne, deren zeitgenössische Wiedergängerinnen an neuen Schauplätzen und in neuen Erzählungen in Erscheinung treten.
geboren 1965 in Wien
1987-1993 Studium, Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst Wien, bei Peter Weibel
1996/97 Gastprofessur für Visuelle Medien, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main
2005/2006 Professur für Film und Video, Merz Akademie Stuttgart
seit 2006 Professur im Fachbereich Digitale Medien, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
lebt und arbeitet in Wien und Berlin

Due to its history and geographic location, Romania could be perceived as a melting pot of different European cultures and identities: with over 45 local dialects based on a mixture of Latin and Slavonic languages and minorities ranging from Russian speaking Lipoveni to a strong Hungarian, Turkish, German and Gypsy community, Romania is a strong example of the historical development of a truly multicultural society in an ongoing struggle for a viable identity. The context which Romania provides is both dynamic and generative. As such, the fields of the visual arts as well as those of performance, theatre, filmmaking and literature, are thriving as never before, being deeply embedded in, and actively engaged with, the social and political contexts. Viewed in the light of the above mentioned context, the artist best suitable for a residency in Bucharest would be found in that segment of contemporary art which has contingencies with issues related to social analysis. Bucharest Air is open to all art professionals who manifest a genuine interest in a period of working and living in Bucharest. Bucharest Air functions as a non-profit organization, ran and managed by artists Tudor Bratu, Alice Gancevici and Remus Puscariu. Bucharest Air aims at generating and maintaining a high level platform for cultural exchange in Bucharest.

Alice Gancevici and Remus Puscariu are in charge of all on-site residency related activities. These activities range from aiding and assisting residents in research, development, and production of work, to introducing and connecting residents to the Romanian art scene and to the city of Bucharest, as well as organizational activities related to the daily functioning of the Residency program. They are also engaged with the general further development of Bucharest Air, including the maintaining of the Residency network and content management. Tudor Bratu is in charge of fundraising and content-based exchanges with the residents. All three members of Bucharest Air participate in the selection procedure. Alumni of Bucharest Air are at times involved as advisers. Bucharest Air has developed a specific structure, which over time has become the customary way in which the residency collaborates with the resident artist throughout the duration of the residency.

This general structure, which is outlined in the paragraph below, is subject to constant change and development, according to the specific needs of the resident. Upon arrival in Bucharest, the resident is picked up at airport or train station, and is brought to the residency location, where all practicalities concerning housing, transportation, telephone, internet, and location are thoroughly discussed. During the first week of the residency the resident is accompanied by the residency manager on a variety of trips through Bucharest, which have the aim of accustoming the resident to the city and its possibilities. After the first introductory week, the residency manager maintains regular contact with the resident, depending on particular and expressed needs: some residents prefer less contact, some prefer a closer working relationship, and these needs are always respected. Throughout the duration of the residency, the resident is invited to openings and events in Bucharest, and if so wished, also outside of Bucharest, during which the residency manager introduces the resident to the local art scene, different venues, colleague artists, curators, and critics. The residency manager also aids the resident in all aspects involved in the realization of specific projects. Generally, a residency period ends with a public event, be that an exhibition, lecture, presentation, screening, and so forth.

During the residency, there are also possibilities to organize public events. Exhibitions are however not guaranteed in any way, and depend on the residents‘ ability to connect to the variety of art venues Bucharest has to offer. Results of previous residencies can be seen on the News page. Bucharest Air offers residents the chance to live and work for a period of up to three months in the city of Bucharest, as well as the chance to research, develop, or produce new works and projects, conceptually and practically aided by the Bucharest Air team. Concretely included in what Bucharest Air offers is housing, utilities and consumables, as well as human capital and cultural capital, a vast international network, and factual working hours in service of the resident, which includes aid in research, aid in realizing projects and in production, limited translations, access to the residencies network, and guidance into the Romanian art world.

Bucharest Air choses the residency location considering availability and the resident artists‘ work or project-based necessities. The residency’s locations are an 80 square meter ground level house, with a 500 square meter garden, located at the Eastern end of Bucharest, near the city of Voluntari as well as a studio apartment located near the city center. Bucharest Air functions as a non-profit organization. This means that all income generated by the residency is used in maintaining an operational residency organization and in covering the direct costs resulting from hosting and collaborating with residents.

Bucharest Air does not offer sponsorship in monetary. For residents who do not benefit from third party sponsorship, such as patronage or institutional aid, the per month residency fee amounts to 800,– Euro all inclusive. For residents who do benefit from a third party sponsorship, as well as for institutions, the residency fee amounts to 1300,– Euro per month all inclusive. Operating and maintaining Bucharest Air as a fully functional residency program implies factual costs, which include on the one hand rent, maintenance, internet, telephone, utilities, etc. Bucharest Air hopes to be able to host both funded, and not funded artists, since it is our belief that quality is not at all times rewarded through monetary income. However, in order to be able to maintain a feasible operation, Bucharest Air needs to cover expenses made, including part of the working hours involved in operating the residency.

In the case of non-subsidized residents, Bucharest Air sponsors the resident artist with the working hours necessary for a successful residency. In such case, the fee of 800,– Euro per month, all inclusive, covers only the factual monetary costs made. Bucharest Air does not sponsor institutions in similar ways, since institutions have budgets allocated which take into consideration the necessity of covering working hours as a standard of operational practices. Bucharest Air keeps an open door to all artists, writers, critics and filmmakers who manifest a genuine interest in being in residency in Bucharest.

Understanding financial matters as being at times the barrier between being able or not being able to fulfill ones plans, Bucharest Air offers active aid in raising sponsorship. Sponsorship possibilities are discussed with applicants upon first contact after being accepted for the residency. Bucharest Air accepts a maximum of six residents per calendar year, following two application rounds which are made public on the residency website and on various online platform. Under the Apply page future applicants can find exact information on the application procedure. During the residency period, all residents must have valid health insurance. Travel insurance covering loss or theft of personal belongings is advised, but not compulsory.