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The Unknown Soldier Memorial in Cairo, Egypt honours Egyptians and Arabs who lost their lives in civil War Monuments of Connecticut PDF 1973 October War. Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising in Poland. The monument was meled down during the Second World War for its materials. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates which commemorates fallen Emirati soldiers.

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The oldest war memorial in the United Kingdom is Oxford University’s All Souls College. It was founded in 1438 with the provision that its fellows should pray for those killed in the long wars with France. Europe to have rank-and-file soldiers commemorated by name. To commemorate the millions who died in World War I, war memorials became commonplace in communities large and small around the world.

In modern times the main intent of war memorials is not to glorify war, but to honor those who have died. Sometimes, as in the case of the Warsaw Genuflection of Willy Brandt, they may also serve as focal points of increasing understanding between previous enemies. During the First World War, many nations saw massive devastation and loss of life. More people lost their lives in the east than in the west, but the outcome was different.

The Liberty Memorial, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a memorial dedicated to all Americans who served in the Great War. After World War I, some towns in France set up pacifist war memorials. Instead of commemorating the glorious dead, these memorials denounce war with figures of grieving widows and children rather than soldiers. Such memorials provoked anger among veterans and the military in general. The most famous is at Gentioux-Pigerolles in the department of Creuse. There seems to be no exact equivalent form of a pacifist memorial within the United Kingdom but evidently sentiments were in many cases identical.