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Look up venatio in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Roman amphitheaters involving the hunting and killing of wild animals. Exotic wild beasts from the far reaches of the Roman Empire were brought bestiarius 03 PDF Rome and hunts were held in the morning prior to the afternoon main event of gladiatorial duels.

Författare: Masasumi Kakizaki.
Das Wiedersehen mit Elaine verläuft für Arthur und seine Freunde etwas anders als erwartet. Auf einmal finden sie sich in der Arena wieder, mit Elaine als unerbittlichen Gegner …

Not all the animals were ferocious, though most were. The treatment given to wolves differed from the treatment meted out to other large predators. The Romans generally seem to have refrained from intentionally harming wolves. For instance, they were not displayed in the venationes due to their religious importance to the Romans. Revered for its ferocity, the lion was extremely popular in venationes and gladiatorial shows. Circus, where the inclusion of the foreign animal lent his shows extra panache.

During the reign of Augustus Caesar the circus games resulted in the death of 3,500 elephants. Following the venatio in the order of daily events was the execution of convicted Roman citizens of lower status, the humiliores. Roman emperors often sentenced serious criminals — who then became known as bestiarii — to fatal encounters with the beasts in the Colosseum — an ancient „death sentence“. These were the lowest social class of participants in the games. Cruelty and civilization: the Roman games.